Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Turned Down an Opportunity to Present at the Oscars

Life has changed drastically for Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in the past month. The royal couple shocked the world in early January 2020 when they announced they would be stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family.

Since being released from their duties as working royals. The duo has been extremely low-key, staying away from the spotlight. Leaving the U.K. behind, the pair has retreated to their rented estate on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Following two years of near non-stop work, the Sussexes have been enjoying their new peaceful and quiet life with their son, Archie Harrison, as they prepare for the next phase in their life where they will launch their charity and become financially independent.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must be very careful about the opportunities they take

Though the Sussexes will no longer be supported by The Crown, and they will not be using their His/Her Royal Highness titles — they must be very careful about the opportunities they take on so they do not seem tacky. “I will continue to be the same man who holds his country dear and dedicates his life to supporting the causes, charities and military communities that are so important to me,” Prince Harry declared in a speech. “Together, you have given me an education about living, and this role has taught me more about what is right and just than I could ever have imagined. We are taking a leap of faith, so thank you for giving me the courage to take this next step.”

Therefore, reality TV appearances and endorsing random brands on their Instagram page isn’t going to work for the Sussexes. Instead, they are seeking out other ways to make money.  

“Meghan is actively looking for representation. She has begun outreach,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It can be a manager or an agent, but she’s reaching out to people to find someone to represent her for future professional projects. “[Meghan] has no plans to do another show like Suits, but Harry’s been encouraging her to do more voice-over work, writing, producing and directing in her free time.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were invited to present at the Oscars

The Sussexes’ newfound freedom has allowed them access to a ton of different opportunities, even if they don’t quite fit the Sussex Royal brand. According to Hello! the duke and duchess were invited to present the award for Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards.

An insider told the magazine, “They were honoured by the request, but declined the invitation.” Had the couple chosen to do the Oscars, it would have been the most high-profile event they’ve attended since Megixt.

Instead, of attending the Academy Awards and all of the events swirling around Oscars week, the Sussexes hung out with another A-list couple.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spent last week in Miami

Though they declined an invite to the Oscars, the Sussexes were in Miami last week for a JP Morgan event where the duke spoke about mental health and touched on Megixt.  “It was all very hush-hush, with a lot of security,” E! reported.

While the Sussexes were in Miami they also had a double date with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. “Harry and Meghan got on really well with Jennifer and Alex, and spent some time chatting with them over dinner,” a source told Page Six. “J.Lo was overheard inviting the couple and their baby Archie to her and Alex’s house in Miami to spend time with them and their kids.

While they were in Miami, the Sussexes stayed at Markle’s best friend, Serena Williams’ Palm Beach home.