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Meghan Markle‘s and Prince Harry’s body language is known for being very close and connected. However, one royal expert says he saw what appeared to be tension between the couple toward the end of the funeral services for Queen Elizabeth II.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry body language seemed to ‘distance themselves’ from each other

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend funeral services for Queen Elizabeth II.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle |  Ben Stansall – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry stayed by each other’s side during the funeral services. Body language experts highlighted how the duke and duchess held hands most of the time. However, the couple seemed distant toward the end, according to Jesús Enrique Rosas, also known as The Body Language Guy. 

The moment Rosas speaks about (which was brought to his attention by a fan of his) occurs when Meghan and Harry enter the Rolls Royce so they can leave the funeral. It appears that as soon as they get inside the car and get settled, they move to opposite sides of the car.

“Meghan enters the car,” says Rosas said on his The Body Language Guy YouTube channel. “Harry gets into the car. He’s quite close to Meghan; he’s about to cross his leg and he pauses that action. He’s about to cross his leg but he doesn’t. He sits on his seat farther away from Meghan. And she does the same. They are quite close, intimate space, and by the time the door is shut, Harry slides to his side and Meghan is sliding to hers. They distanced themselves from each other.”

Rosas does acknowledge there’s an armrest between Meghan and Harry. But he also notes that they move away from the armrest and slide closer to their car doors. They’re also not holding hands like they usually do.

“They don’t stay in their places, they get away from each other,” says Rosas. “No hand holding now.”

Tyler Perry thinks Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are very much in love


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Despite what some experts perceive as a rift in the couple’s relationship, others just see a loving couple. Actor and producer Tyler Perry spoke about Harry and Meghan’s relationship. He told Jenna Bush and Hoda Kotb that he admires the couple and wants to support them. One way he showed his support was by allowing them to stay in his home when they had concerns about security. Perry boldly states that if he can’t have a love like Harry and Meghan’s, he doesn’t want it.

“What I know about the two of them, and I wish the world knew, is how much they love. These two people love each other. They found each other out of all these odds against them finding each other, they found each other.”

Perry says he is moved by the love Harry and Meghan share. “And the love that they have is really, really moving,” he continues. “And I just wanted to do anything I could to support them. If I don’t have that, what [Meghan] and Harry have, I don’t want it. That’s really amazing.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry body language could have another explanation

It’s possible Harry and Meghan are simply exhausted from all the ceremonies they had to attend. It must have been difficult to have to stay strong and composed while the world was watching them. There also seemed to be tension between Harry and Meghan and some members of the royal family, so that certainly could have contributed to any signs of frustration or distress.

Even if Rosas is correct in his analysis, most couples have moments where they need some space to themselves. It’s not unusual for this to happen now and then. Funerals aren’t fun, so it’s understandable if Harry and Meghan just want to have a bit of quiet time to themselves.

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