Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are ‘Spoiled Brats’ Who Get Paid to ‘Do Nothing’ Says Royal Commentator

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue to work on building their brand. They set up Archewell, which includes a foundation as well as production and audio projects. They have also been featured in high-profile magazine and television interviews.

It was recently announced Meghan and Harry will receive an award from Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights for talking about alleged racism within the monarchy. However, one expert says the Sussexes are “spoiled brats” who don’t deserve the award and are paid to “do nothing.”

Some experts don’t think Meghan and Harry should get the Ripple of Hope Award

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hold hands during the Invictus Games.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Dan Istitene – Pool/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry will receive the Ripple of Hope Award for exposing alleged racism within the institution of the royal family. However, Sky News host Paul Murray says this is an example of “everything that’s wrong with the world.”

“Every now and then there’s a story that comes along that tells us everything that’s wrong with the world in one news story,” says Murray during his show. “And this is it. “Meghan Markle, Harry Windsor, are going to get an award—an award for doing absolutely nothing. This is peak 2022. They are going to get an award for fighting against structural racism for leaving the royal family, making millions of dollars out of Spotify, Netflix, and book deals, and constantly [complaining].”

According to Murray, the duke and duchess don’t deserve the award because they haven’t done anything to change the royal family. He says all they have done is make accusations and complain. “They have not changed a single thing about the royal family, but because they call out the structural racism, pretending that someone somewhere may have said something about the color of their kid, this is why they’re getting the award,” says Murray.

Harry and Meghan are ‘spoiled brats’ says Paul Murray

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Murray believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “spoiled” and haven’t contributed much to society. According to Murray, they haven’t done anything special that would warrant such a prestigious award. He says Meghan and Harry are an example of “victim culture.”

“I’m from the olden days where to win a Nobel Peace Prize means you have to actually achieve global peace,” says Murray. “To be the Australian of the Year, you had to do something that no one else in the country could do. But this is 2022, where victim culture is up to here, and these two spoiled brats get another thing for their mantelpiece to say how good they are for doing nothing and making millions doing it,” says Murray.  

Harry and Meghan’s award is ‘insulting’ to the royal family says commentator

Commentator Daisy McAndrew says Kerry Kennedy’s statement about Meghan and Harry fighting against alleged racism within the monarchy is an insult to the royal family. She says the award will be received well by those who consider themselves a part of “liberal America” but she doesn’t believe those who are loyal to the monarchy will be happy about the Ripple of Hope Award.

“I think this will go down very well in liberal America, which is arguably the most important demographic for Harry and Meghan,” says McAndrew during an interview with Talk TV. “I think that is where they want to make their bed and make their money. And that is where they’ve staked their claim. And I think it will go down pretty badly for those that really look at it in detail on this side of the pond. Because it’s insulting in many ways to the royal family and the royal family that many Brits still feel protective of and don’t recognize this as the royal family that they think of.”

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