Meghan Markle Reportedly Had a ‘Sleazy Smirk’ During 1 Moment at Her Wedding, Body Language Expert Says

In 2018, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in a wedding watched all over the world. 

Although it has been almost four years since then, some royal fans still revisit the big day. One body language recently analyzed a clip from the wedding. According to him, Meghan displayed a “sleazy smirk” during one moment captured on camera.

Meghan Markle looking on while wearing a veil and tiara
Meghan Markle during her wedding in 2018 | Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding was remarkable in many ways

It is not every day that royals get married, but Meghan and Harry’s wedding nevertheless stood out to people for a variety of reasons.

For one thing, Meghan is a former actor from the United States who had been divorced before. Royals traditionally did not accept someone like Meghan into their tight-knit circle, so Meghan and Harry’s union was seen as a sign of progress. After all, in the 1930s, King Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne in order to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson. In the 1970s, Harry’s father, Prince Charles, also could not marry Camilla Parker Bowles because she was simply not aristocratic enough for the royal family.

Additionally, Meghan has biracial background, which was seen at the royal wedding. Meghan and Harry had a sermon delivered by a Black bishop, Michael Bruce Curry. There was also a performance by a Black gospel choir. 

According to The Guardian, it was likely hundreds of millions of people worldwide tuned in to watch Meghan and Harry tie the knot.

Meghan Markle reportedly had a ‘sleazy smirk’ during 1 moment, body language expert says

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Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas (who also goes by The Body Language Guy on social media) recently looked at some footage from the 2018 royal wedding. In a YouTube video, Rosas talked about Meghan’s face at the end of Bishop Curry’s sermon.

According to Rosas, the Duchess of Sussex had a “tense expression. Although she looked to be smiling, Rosas alleged that it was not a “genuine” smile.

“I mentioned that a smile has to be symmetrical to be genuine,” Rosas explained. “In Meghan’s case, there are very subtle differences between her brows. Her right brow is a bit more raised than her left one. At the same time her left lip corner is a bit more raised or pulled back than her right one.”

After encouraging viewers to try making that same facial expression, Rosas said, “You might have already realized that this is a very sleazy smirk.”

Another body language expert says Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had ‘visible intimacy’

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In 2018, another body language expert, Judi James, analyzed various parts of the royal wedding. During the ceremony, James noted that Harry and Meghan showed that they had a strong connection with each other.

“Royal brides have a tendency to do the coy glance-and-look-away ritual but Meghan managed to sustain nearly 100 percent eye contact as Harry said his vows which created a visible intimacy between the two that was congruent,” James said, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

James added, “The pair held hands while they stood through the service and when they sat to listen to parts of it Meghan placed a reassuring hand on Harry’s leg and he placed his own hand on top in a reciprocal gesture.”