Meghan Markle Should ‘Rip up the Script’ for Her Podcast and ‘Be More Authentic’ Says Royal Commentator

Meghan Markle has been hosting her Archetypes podcast since August. So far, the reactions have been mixed. Some people enjoy her weekly musings while others would prefer to listen to someone else. One royal commentator says Meghan doesn’t sound “authentic” and should get rid of her script.

Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ podcast

Meghan Markle attends a tennis match.
Meghan Markle | Clive Mason/Getty Images

TV host Ian Collins discussed Meghan’s latest podcast, which focuses on the judgments women face in the world of activism. Collins says Meghan starts off the interview by greeting her guest, Jamila Jameel, in what he calls a “peculiar British accent.”           

Collins says he doesn’t really care about Meghan’s podcast, but he has noticed how much the show focuses on complaining. “I just find that it has an underpinning, a curious sort of underpinning, to always belch out some kind of imagined injustice,” says Collins on Talk TV.

Meghan Markle needs to ‘rip up the script’ for her podcast, says commentator

Commentator Daisy McAndrew listened to Meghan’s Spotify podcast and shared her thoughts. In her opinion, Meghan sounds scripted and unnatural. She thinks the podcast would be better if Meghan went off script and spoke from the heart.

“I don’t always approve of Meghan,” says McAndrew. “She has annoyed me intensely in the past. But I understand where she’s coming from; I get it. I find her podcast sounds to me very scripted and quite unspontaneous. I wish she would rip up the script. There are occasions where she goes off script, and she sounds much more genuine and authentic, which of course, is the whole point about a podcast. You’re meant to be talking from the heart.”

Nicola Thorpe likes Meghan Markle’s podcast

Although McAndrew and some of the other panelists said they found Meghan’s podcast annoying, Nicola Thorp says she likes Archetypes. Thorpe enjoys the topics the duchess presents each week.

“It gives a platform for women like myself,” says Thorp. “I really enjoy the podcast because there are so many parts of it that I can identify with.”

Megyn Kelly says Meghan Markle is not ‘self-aware’ and engages in ‘word policing’

During an interview with Sky News host Paul Murray, Kelly discusses Meghan and how in her opinion she seems to be “policing” people’s words. Kelly says there are more important things Meghan should be focusing on.

“The thing that really irritates me about her whole podcast is every week we get to ‘dissect’ another world you’re not allowed to say,” says Kelly. “You can’t say difficult, you can’t say the b-word, you can’t say a woman is aggressive. You can’t say the tiger lady, you can’t say an angry black woman. You know what? Sometimes women of all shapes, sizes, colors, whatever, we get angry. It’s not necessarily an ‘archetype.’”

Kelly says Meghan is “word policing” everyone. She thinks the topics covered in her podcast are not important when compared to bigger issues like the rising cost of living. “Like I said the day after that Oprah interview, she’s the least self-aware person I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter in public life,” says Kelly.

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