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Meghan Markle has many fans around the world, but there are also people who seem to criticize her every move. Some people reportedly have criticisms about her discussing her relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth II during her Variety interview. One royal commentator says Meghan can’t really win no matter what she does.

Royal commentator says Meghan Markle is trying to rebrand herself

Meghan Markle attends a reception ahead of the start of the Invictus Games  on April 15, 2022.
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

Royal commentator Neil Sean says Meghan is trying to rebrand herself after letting her public relations team, Sunshine Sachs, go. According to Sean, Meghan is trying to present herself as a relatable mom of two.

“They’ve got a brand-new team working alongside Meghan and Harry, rebranding them as ‘ordinary folk,’ people out and about,” says Sean in his video commentary. “A simple mom making ‘a solid Bolognese sauce.’

Sean is referring to Meghan’s recent interview with Variety. She talks about some of her favorite things and shares information people might not know about her. The interview shows a lighter, carefree side of the duchess.

Sean says Prince Harry is more “marketable” because of his long history as a royal family member. “A new idea that they’re trying to push forward is that concerning Prince Harry,” says Sean. “And when you think about it, he’s probably the most marketable one of the two because he comes with more of a solid background. Years and years of wonderful royal history attached to his name.”

However, Sean says Harry’s popularity in the United Kingdom declined because of his “silly actions” over the last two years. One action he’s referring to is the interview Harry did with Oprah Winfrey last year.

Royal Commentator says Meghan Markle ‘simply can’t win’

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According to Sean, no matter what Meghan says during an interview, someone will have an issue with it. “With Meghan Markle it’s a difficult thing because whichever way you look at it, she’s divisive,” says Sean. “Every time she puts something out, whether it be an interview, a podcast, a speech, seemingly everything backfires. But now according to a very good source, Meghan feels it’s a case of ‘I simply can’t win.’”

Meghan Markle’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan included a few words about her relationship with Queen Elizabeth II during her interview with Variety. She spoke about the “warmth” they shared and how the queen was a “shining example” of female leadership.

Sean says if Meghan didn’t include the tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, she would likely ruffle some feathers. However, including the tribute could also elicit negative responses from royal watchers. Sean says either choice would leave the duchess open to criticism.

“Meghan, according to a very good source has hit back basically claiming she couldn’t win either way, so she decided to include her own personal tribute into the Variety piece,” says Sean. “[This was because] if she didn’t include it, people would say that she was being insincere, unkind, and not showing respect. But of course, if she does include it, then people are accusing her of basically running on the back of our late monarch.”

Sean believes Meghan should have waited until King Charles and the Prince and Princess of Wales gave statements to publications about Queen Elizabeth. He says it doesn’t seem like Harry instructed Meghan about royal protocol. In Sean’s opinion, Meghan’s statements about the queen might have been a way to get media coverage.

“Some might say of course that by including Her Majesty the Queen this ensured a lot of headlines alongside the other debacle of the Deal or No Deal,” says Sean. He agrees that either way, Meghan can’t really win in this situation. There’s no way she can please everyone.

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