Meghan Markle Slammed for ‘Acting Like a Diva’ Before She Was a Duchess, Claims Videographer Who Worked With Her

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has been the subject of so many rumors that it’s often difficult to pinpoint what’s fact and what is gossip. Someone who has first-hand experience working with her before Meghan became a duchess has some interesting perspective about her rude and difficult behavior at the time.

Meghan Markle on Good Morning America
Meghan Markle | ABC News/Frame Grab via Getty Images

Videographer shares his experience with Meghan

Before Meghan married Prince Harry and became a duchess, she was an actor who was enjoying success on the TV series Suits. Meghan was no stranger to doing press and posing for photoshoots and one videographer’s experience working with her sheds more light on how she behaved in those pre-duchess days.

The videographer wasn’t so won over by Meghan’s behavior on set, sharing with Daily Mail how she was “difficult” and had an entourage with her.

“She was very high maintenance and rude,” the videographer shared, adding, “She was difficult and demanding.”

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He was warned Meghan was a diva

Ahead of working with Meghan for a promotional project, the videographer explained how he was told she was difficult to work with. “People told me, ‘get ready because she is a lot.’ They used to call her ‘the princess,’ he explained.

He continued, “When I saw her, right away from the moment she arrived, I didn’t even know who she was and she was acting like a diva. It was the attitude, how she talked to people, the rules.”

The videographer further shared how Meghan hid her face as she came in wearing a hat and keeping her head down. “It was like it was the big diva coming in, and she doesn’t want people to see her, like you would do if you’re walking in the street and you don’t want the paparazzi to take your picture,” he noted.

She acted like an ‘A-lister’

The videographer further shared how he “wasn’t impressed” with Meghan’s behavior. “Everyone thought, ‘’she is acting like an A-lister when she is not even a D-lister,'” he explained.

While he remarked that she “was really easy to shoot” and “knows how to do her job,” he said she wanted to “approve everything” and wasn’t that friendly to deal with.

“There were all these demands — you have to get a specific type of flower, you can’t film her while she is getting her makeup on, you have to get a certain brand of champagne for the shoot. You have to ask permission to shoot anything. She’s the boss. You felt like you were walking on eggshells,” the videographer shared.

Further, Meghan arrived with her own team, which the videographer said “was like something out of Mean Girls. They were a clique, looking at other people and laughing and having fun among themselves.”

Meghan reportedly wouldn’t entertain suggestions

Meghan also wasn’t very open to the ideas that were proposed to her doing the shoot, much to the videographer’s surprise.

“Normally when you suggest things on a shoot the star will not contradict you, they will say, ‘I will try that’.’ But she had her own ideas. She had a lot of decision (power) but at some point… you’re an actor and I’m the director, let me do my thing,” he explained.