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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently wrapped up a tour of Southern Africa. While there, the two brought attention to various organizations and causes that are important to them, including conservationism and women’s rights. On the couple’s last day, they both made impactful speeches — but Meghan’s words made it clear that she has been struggling to cope with all of the negative press surrounding her name.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

The couple’s Africa trip was nearly perfect

Toward the beginning of the summer, Meghan and Harry announced that they would be traveling to Africa in early fall to meet with various charities and groups that inspire them. And in late September, the couple, along with their son, Archie, visited four countries in Southern Africa, where they experienced different cultures while bringing attention to issues they care about. The duke and duchess documented their entire trip via Instagram, including posting photos and videos of Archie. The trip seemed to have hardly any issues (at least none that the public noticed), and fans were able to see a side of Harry and Meghan they hadn’t seen in a while.

The Africa tour meant a lot for Harry and Meghan’s reputation

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hadn’t taken a trip such as this one since their tour of the South Pacific one year ago. Meghan gave birth to Archie in May, so before and after his birth, she didn’t travel much. But the two had recently taken some hits to their reputation, including Meghan’s Wimbledon photo ban, overuse of private jets, and rumors about problems with staff. But the Africa trip seemed to do wonders for their reputation. It allowed people to see the work they strive to do and their dedication to helping others as members of the royal family. It also showed them as parents, which fans loved to see. Overall, in the public’s and royals’ eyes, the trip was a success.

Meghan’s speech included lines that show she has been feeling pain with all the negative press

On the couple’s last day in Africa, Meghan gave a speech that seemed to indicate she had been upset over the personal attacks on her in the media. “When you constantly see and hear negativity, it can be overwhelming; you can feel powerless, and lost, you can feel different, confused, or like you just don’t belong,” the duchess said.

Meghan has dealt with personal attacks, including those regarding her race, since marrying Harry. She has been exposed to many people intentionally trying to bring her down for being different — she is an American, has been divorced, and is biracial. And it’s clear that, in addition to the other trouble she has seen around the world, she has also been dealing with hurt and her own feelings of not belonging. “In a world that can seem so aggressive, confrontational, and dangerous, you should know that you have the power to change it,” the duchess said.

Meghan and Harry recently announced they are suing a British tabloid

Recently, Meghan and Harry announced that they are suing British tabloid Mail on Sunday for publishing a private letter that Meghan wrote to her father. Harry also accused the tabloid of omitting and altering certain words and sentences in the letter to make it seem like it said something it didn’t. “We have continued to put on a brave face… I cannot begin to describe how painful it has been,” Harry said. Harry also suggested the media has been attacking Meghan for more than a year, and all of the attacks are unwarranted.