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A body language expert shared her analysis of Meghan Markle‘s subtle gesture that conveyed her support of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Meghan, Prince Harry, and the Prince and Princess of Wales came together for a rare appearance following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan Markle body language during appearance with Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton at Windsor Castle
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Kirsty O’Connor/PA Wire

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle showed a united front following Queen Elizabeth’s death

On Sept. 10, William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan arrived together to greet a crowd of people who gathered outside Windsor Castle to mourn the queen. The couples also looked at flowers left as tributes to the queen.

Body language expert Judi James shared her analysis of the foursome, telling The Sun, “This is a phenomenal display of unity between William and Harry. As an intentional gesture, it implies unity and some bonding prompted by mutual grief.”

She continued, “Arriving and leaving together signals proximity and shared conversations and although there are no overkill displays of hugging or touch, these do look like baby steps that build on Charles’s declaration of love for his youngest son and his wife.”

Meghan Markle’s body language was ‘supportive’ and William and Harry displayed ‘mirroring rituals’

James further examined how Meghan was spotted giving her husband touches to comfort him during this difficult time. “It’s comforting to see Meghan’s supportive touches on the back and partial hugs for a clearly upset Harry and the conversations between the two brothers,” she explained.

James continued, “The most telling body language though is the intense mirroring rituals between William and Harry.”

She explained how the brothers proved they still have a bond. “Their poses and gestures are often identical, hinting and strong subliminal bonds that exist despite all the rifts,” James noted.


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Meghan Markle displayed a gesture that conveyed her support for Prince William and Kate Middleton

James also shared her thoughts on a gesture that indicated Meghan’s support of William and Kate. “Meghan and Harry are holding hands as usual and Meghan’s hand clasp and the touches on Harry’s back suggest she is being supportive,” she noted. “Her support might not just be for her husband though.”

The body language expert explained, “When she turns her head in William and Kate’s direction here, and to William in particular, her facial expression suggests a display of sympathy for her brother-in-law as well as her husband.”

James also provided her expert analysis to Daily Mail, pointing out “some natural caution and awkwardness in the body language,” but noting the appearance “seems choreographed as something of a loving tribute to the queen and in some ways the new king, who took what was maybe the first step in speaking of his love for Harry and Meghan in his recent speech.”

She noted, “The four line up together to suggest some form of unity and it is William, with his puffed chest and air of confidence, who looks like the leader and instigator. Harry performs some clothing touch anxiety rituals but Meghan seems to be on hand to offer comfort, support, and encouragement.”

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