What Meghan Markle Uttered to a Royal Aide About Queen Elizabeth’s Flowers, According to a Lip Reader

A body language analyst and a lip reader teamed up to figure out what Meghan Markle likely said when she didn’t hand tribute flowers over to a royal aide during her walkabout with Prince Harry and the Prince and Princess of Wales after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Some have perceived her behavior as impolite, and many guesses exist about what words she spoke while declining to follow the protocol. So, these two experts teamed up to provide an educated guess about what she said to the aide.

Read on to find out what they came up with and why the royals were likely passing the bouquets off in the first place.

Meghan Markle, pictured meeting members of the public at Windsor Castle on September 10, 2022, uttered hard to decipher words to a royal aide.
Meghan Markle | Kirsty O’Connor/WPA/Pool/Getty Images

Some observers thought Meghan Markle was impolite to a royal aide

Some noticed in watching videos from the Windsor Castle walkabout with Meghan, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton that Meghan was looking toward her royal family for guidance in that scenario.

Of important note, William reportedly reached out to his estranged brother to arrange the reunion shortly before it happened. So, Meghan likely had little time to prepare. That’s to say that she might not have known that she was supposed to hand the flowers off to aides standing by — which there’s a reason for, and we’ll get to it a little later.

For now, let’s stick to the point that when someone came up to Meghan and asked to take the queen’s tribute flowers off her hands, she told them she would keep them. And some people thought she was unkind in her words and body language, though the conversation is almost impossible to decipher from videos with sure accuracy.

Various clips show Meghan was approached multiple times about the flowers she carried and eventually gave them up after a chat with Prince Harry. The Daily Express called her much-scrutinized interaction with the royal aide an “awkward spat,” but not everyone saw it that way.

What Meghan Markle likely told the royal aide

In a video for The Behavioral Arts, body language analyst Spidey noted that different versions of Meghan’s clip are floating around various corners of the internet. He also pointed out that some have been doctored and warned viewers to watch out for fakes that have been edited.

Spidey is an award-winning mentalist and an authority in reading body language, but he doesn’t count himself as an expert at reading lips. So, he invited his friend Sabrina, who went deaf at 18.

Sabrina is an American Sign Language teacher and shared that there’s no degree for lip reading, but she’s been doing it a long time. Because her condition is hereditary, she knew she would eventually lose her hearing and began reading lips in childhood. And she took a crack at what the Suits actor likely said.

Spidey and Sabrina deciphered something close to the same, so they compared notes and came up with the most likely statement: “I told them I’d place them over there, so I’ll do that. Thank you. I appreciate that.” 

Furthermore, Spidey noticed indications Meghan was trying to connect with the aide genuinely to make them understand her position. She’d told the well-wishers she would be the one to place their flowers with the other tributes, and she was honoring that. Now, let’s get to why that created a slight problem.

Flowers carry a potential hidden danger for royals

As noted by the Daily Mail, aides were there to retrieve the tribute gifts from the four royals promptly as well-wishers handed them over.

Some bystanders might have thought they were there to keep regal arms free and unburdened. But there’s more to it since there are potential dangers, even starting with naturally poisonous flowers.

Fans pointed out how some nefarious person could have hidden something even more harmful in one of the bouquets, disguised as a heartfelt tribute. Not everyone would think of that, and the Daily Mail contended this “is why royals should not carry them.”

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