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A new book exploring claims about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also discusses their decision to step back from royal duties. Meghan is often blamed for their plan to leave the royal life behind, but a royal expert points out how Harry was “a deeply unhappy man.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look on
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images

Royal expert unpacks new book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drama

In Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, author Valentine Low broke down the Sussexes’ desire to be part-time royals, the discussions involved, and how the queen ultimately shot down the idea of a half-in/half-out arrangement.

Royal expert Daniela Elser took a closer look at “one big detail” in Low’s retelling of the Megxit drama, writing in a article about how Meghan was painted as a “villain.”

Elser writes, “This was, supposedly, a tragic story with a clear villain and a clear victim. Their exit, after all, is called Megxit, not Sussexit or Hexit or some other portmanteau.”

She noted, “To me, the most glaring, important takeaway is not that former staffers called themselves the ‘Sussex Survivors Club’ or that insiders thought the Duchess was a ‘narcissistic sociopath’ but that time and again, it was allegedly not just Meghan who treated staff badly.”

Elser added, “Based on Low’s telling, Harry was just as complicit as his girlfriend-then-wife.”

The expert shared, “What is so significant about Courtiers’ revelations so far is that it wholly pushes back against the narrative of Meghan as the difficult, baddie HRH, instead establishing a scenario where she was only one half of an allegedly highly problematic duo.”

The Sussexes both ‘allegedly behaved badly,’ author shares in book

The bombshell book sheds light on a myriad of claims about Prince Harry and Meghan’s behavior. Elser points out how the couple both were painted in a negative light.

“What is so noteworthy about Courtiers as opposed to previous post-mortems from experienced journalists and biographers who have dissected the Great Sussex Debacle is that in Low’s account, it is not just Meghan who allegedly behaved badly, but Harry allegedly did too,” she explained.

“What these latest revelations bring into focus is the extent to which Megxit has and continues to be framed as the tale of a bad woman who has somehow manipulated a sweet man into committing some sort of royal disembowelment,” Elser wrote.

“Instead, in Low’s account, it is both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who were allegedly horrible bosses,” she added.


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Royal expert believes Harry was ‘a deeply unhappy man’

Elser shared her thoughts about how Harry being “deeply unhappy” played a part in Megxit. “Why, nearly three years after the Sussex dream combusted is there still such a strong urge from so many people to completely apportion blame wholly on one side or the other?” she asked.

“Perhaps that comes down to the fact that to accept Meghan wasn’t the key agitator who must shoulder the full responsibility for Megxit then we have to admit that the Harry we loved for all those years, the eternally cheeky chappie, was in truth a deeply unhappy man,” Elser added.