Meghan Markle’s Most Expensive Maternity Look Cost Over $100K!

Meghan Markle’s dazzling sense of fashion did not go away when she was pregnant with her first son, Archie Harrison. Some of Markle’s best looks came while she was carrying Archie, though they did cost the former actress a pretty penny. While Markle is usually fairly modest with her fashion choices, some of her maternity outfits cost upwards of $100,000. Here’s a look at Markle’s most expensive maternity clothes during her first pregnancy.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Photo by DOMINIC LIPINSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Inside Meghan Markle’s maternity collection

One reason why Markle’s maternity looks were so expensive is that they were all custom made. The gown she wore during the Remembrance Day Festival in 2018, for instance, was a custom Safiyaa dress. These gowns are priced at over $1,500 off the shelves, so there is no telling what it cost after customization.

During her pregnancy, Meghan Markle wore a number of different gowns that were priced well over $1,000. A few were in the $10,000 range, though only one of them got anywhere near the price of her wedding gown, which was worth well over $325,000.

Meghan Markle Dior
Meghan Markle in Dior | Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

According to Express, Markle’s most expensive maternity look was a gold dress she wore from Dior. The gown in question cost the former Suits star over $100,000.

The Duchess of Sussex wore the dress during a trip to Morocco with Prince Harry. Although the dress does not compare to Markle’s wedding attire, it is still worth more than the average person makes over the course of several years.

Markle gets maternity style points

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their first pregnancy in the fall of 2018, only a few months after they tied the knot inside St. George’s Chapel.

Royal watchers were keen to find out what Markle would wear throughout her pregnancy and she did not disappoint. The former actress rocked a number of different designer brand outfits during the pregnancy and was not ashamed to show them off.

But instead of wearing clothes that were specifically designed for pregnant women, Meghan Markle opted for more flowing outfits to cover her growing baby bump.

This enabled her to wear more fitted clothing throughout the pregnancy and gave her a wider range of clothes to pick from. The results clearly paid off for Markle, who looked absolutely gorgeous throughout the term.

The only sore spot is how much the gowns cost. It is also unclear if the royal family paid for the outfits or if Markle fit the bill.

What item did Meghan Markle favor during her pregnancy?

Regardless of the price tags, Markle favored a number of different looks while she was carrying Archie Harrison. Perhaps one of the things she wore the most was a good blazer.

The Duchess of Sussex typically paired the blazer with some jeans or a nice dress. When she opted for the latter, she usually accompanied it with a pair of adorable heels.

She sometimes wore her blazers wide open, like she did during the Invictus Games in 2018, or with a few buttons closed.

Meghan Markle Invictus Games
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex attend the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge at the Invictus Games| Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

When she was not feeling up for a blazer, Meghan Markle favored a double-breasted dress and coat. This allowed her to adjust the waist as needed and was a very stylish way to conceal her baby bump.

Markle, of course, was also a big fan of the bare shoulder look, which she rocked on several occasions during her pregnancy.

Markle adjusting to new life

Meghan Markle welcomed her first child back in May and could not be happier about being a mom, despite the overwhelming media scrutiny. In a recent documentary, Markle admitted to struggling while being pregnant and trying to parent under the media spotlight.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not currently expecting a second child, although there are constant rumors to the contrary. Prince Harry did reveal though that he and Markle would ultimately like to have two children.

Until we get official confirmation on that front, the Sussexes are planning on spending the holidays with Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, in Los Angeles.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Archie Harrison are expected to stay in the area through Christmas and will be getting back to their royal duties in the new year.