Meghan Markle’s Quiet Statement Broke Queen Elizabeth’s Biggest Rule

When it comes to the members of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth runs a pretty tight ship. There is a long list of dos and don’ts that her majesty expects family members to abide by, and she is pretty strict about enforcing most of them.

For instance, the women in the family are expected to follow certain protocols when it comes to the way they dress. Skirts and dresses must be a certain length, makeup must be kept to a minimum, and hats are to be worn to all formal events.

While the queen will sometimes look in the other direction if a family member bends a rule, perhaps sporting a darker shade of nail polish, there are still certain things that she is absolutely adamant about. Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she has been known to do things her own way.

The former actress has always been very strong-willed, something that she wasn’t willing to change even after becoming a member of the royal family. She has gone against her grandmother-in-laws beliefs a bit in the past, but now, Meghan Markle’s quiet statement broke Queen Elizabeth’s biggest rule.

What rules have Meghan broken in the past?

Meghan Markle on 'Good Morning America'
Meghan Markle on ‘Good Morning America’ | ABC News/Frame Grab via Getty Images

The British royal family is about as high-profile as they come, so it is really no surprise that the queen likes them to keep up a certain image. For the most part, everyone has been diligent about following her rules, but when Meghan married into the family, she brought a new twist to royal life.

Fans were quick to notice that during her time as a royal, there were things that she did that were definitely against the rules. What were some of them?

Well, there was the time that Meghan closed her own car door when arriving for an engagement, something that the royals absolutely do not do. 

She also dared to wear a shoulder-baring dress during one of her first appearances as a royal, which was Trooping the Colour, and then there was the time that the duchess spoke about her views on abortion during a visit to Dublin with Prince Harry. 

Meghan Markle’s quiet statement broke Queen Elizabeth’s biggest rule

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It would appear as if Meghan is not about to change who she is or what she believes in anytime soon, and she isn’t afraid to show it! She recently violated one of the strictest royal rules there is, and we can’t imagine how her majesty feels about it.

What was the quiet statement put forth by Meghan that broke Queen Elizabeth’s biggest rule? According to Express, Meghan appeared in a podcast dressed in a t-shirt as well as a face covering that paid tribute to US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away not long ago.

We all know that the queen does not allow family members to voice their political views and Meghan didn’t hold back with her shirt that had the letters “RBG”, and her face covering that read “when there are nine”, a well-known quote by the late Ginsburg. 

Meghan isn’t tied down to royal rules

While many fans may have been shocked at Meghan’s outfit, we have to remember that she is no longer a senior working royal, and therefore, is not tied down to royal rules the way other family members are.

During her time as a member of the royal family, a statement like that most likely would have been extremely controversial. Now that Megxit is official, Meghan is free to talk about the issues that she is passionate about, and although what she wore definitely goes against the wishes of the queen, she doesn’t have to worry about royal consequences.