Meghan Markle’s Secret Diary Could Be Worth Millions

Meghan Markle gave up a lot of things when she married Prince Harry and became a member of the royal family. The former Suits star ended her career in Hollywood, closed her blog, The Tig, and left her old life behind. Although Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was forced to give up many things, she did not stop writing in a secret journal – something that could reportedly fetch millions now that she is no longer a royal.

Meghan Markle
The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Meghan Markle kept a secret diary

Meghan and Harry tied to the knot in a gorgeous ceremony inside St. George’s Chapel in the spring of 2018. They seemed to have a promising future ahead of them, but Meghan had a very difficult time adjusting to the royal spotlight.

Harry released statements criticizing the British press for how they covered Meghan on several occasions. And last year, the couple sued British tabloids for publishing letters Meghan wrote to her father in confidence.

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Last fall, Meghan admitted that she struggled to adjust to her new life, despite her background in Hollywood. The two ultimately decided to leave the royal family at the beginning of the year and have since started new lives in Los Angeles.

While most of Meghan’s struggles happened behind the scenes, inside sources claim that the former actress kept a secret journal over the past two years.

Along with documenting all of the issues she faced, Meghan logged her diary entries during some of the royal family’s biggest scandals. This includes the epic feud between William and Harry and Prince Andrew’s controversial ties to the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Will the Duchess of Sussex ever publish her journal?

Considering the content of Meghan’s journal, sources believe that it could be worth a pretty penny. According to Marie Claire, sources say that Meghan’s secret memoir is valued at least $150 million to the right publisher.

Although Meghan and Harry could make an enormous amount of money, the source says that Meghan has no desire to publish her tell-all — at least not at the moment.

“The fact they may exist and could contain material to embarrass the Royal Family is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable, even though right now there is no reason to believe she has plans to publish,” a source shared.

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The insider noted that Meghan has plenty of writing experience under her belt and her personal journal is something that likely worries top members of the royal family. The royals have gone through enough scandals in recent months and the last thing they need is a shocking tell-all.

Meghan and Harry, of course, have not commented on the reports surrounding her private journal. The two recently moved to LA where they are looking to start their new lives outside of the royal spotlight.

A royal expert believes Meghan Markle was not ready for the spotlight

Now that Harry and Meghan are out of the royal family they no longer have to worry about the intense pressure of living under the spotlight. But royal expert Katie Nicholl recently argued that Meghan was not ready to handle her newfound fame after she married Harry in 2018.

According to Marie Claire, Nicholl said that many thought Meghan would do just fine in the royal spotlight because of her acting experience. But what people failed to realize is that Meghan’s work as a “B-List actress” did not adequately prepare her what was ahead.

“Whereas actually, I think what she encountered was almost impossible to prepare for and certainly her experience as a B-List actress wasn’t going to stand her in [good] stead for suddenly becoming the most famous woman in the world,” Nicholl shared. “She became a global celebrity on a stage just incomparable to anything Hollywood was going to offer or the Hollywood stage that she experience before.”

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Nicholl went on to say that Meghan was hardly the first person to struggle with the public lifestyle and compared her experience to what Kate Middleton faced when she dated Prince William in the 2000s.

The royal expert argued that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has gone through “her own issues with the media” and that many forget how she once had an unfavorable spotlight.

Fortunately, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have escaped the pressures of being in the royal family. The couple’s exit became official at the end of March and they have reportedly been staying at Tyler Perry’s swanky mansion in LA until they find a home of their own.