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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is using her platform to get political and her body language, an expert says, is reinforcing those strong political views. The duchess recently urged everyone to exercise their right to vote and her gestures showed just how passionate she is about this topic.

Meghan Markle on 'Good Morning America'
Meghan Markle | ABC News/Frame Grab via Getty Images

Meghan Markle joined forces with Michelle Obama

Meghan participated in Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote campaign, particularly lending her voice to the “When All Women Vote” virtual party.

“When I think about voting and why this is so exceptionally important for all of us, I would frame it as: We vote to honor those who came before us and to protect those who will come after us,” Meghan said during the virtual event. “Because that’s what community is all about and that’s specifically what this election is all about. We’re only 75 days away from Election Day and that is so very close, and yet there is so much work to be done in that amount of time.”

She also addressed the issues of voter suppression and marginalized populations, noting, “That is simply not OK… It is all the more reason why we need each of you to be out there supporting each other to understand that this fight is worth fighting, and we all have to be out there mobilizing to have our voices heard.”

“We can and must do everything we can to ensure all women have their voices heard. If we aren’t part of the solution, we are part of the problem,” Meghan added. “If you aren’t going out there and voting, then you’re complicit. If you’re complacent, you’re complicit.”

“In the fraught moment right now that we find our nation, exercising your right to vote isn’t simply being part of a solution, it’s being part of a legacy,” she concluded.

Meghan Markle’s body language was revealing

Body language expert Judi James explained to Fabulous Digital how Meghan reinforced her message with her hand and facial gestures, which allowed her to convey a “sense of urgency” while remaining relatable and passionate about the subject.

“Meghan’s brand styling for this more political role was simple, basic and almost severe, suggesting she meant business even though she was emphatically appearing in her role as a duchess,” James explained.

She continued, “Her verbal message was also rather hard-hitting, warning about ‘what is at stake this year’ and ‘the change we all deserve’ as well as rallying women by telling them the ‘fight is worth fighting’, but she managed to soften the overall impact with her smiling and even affectionate-looking body language.”


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Meghan Markle is motivating and connects with younger audiences

The duchess’ hand gestures, James believes, allowed Meghan to show the “sense of urgency” about the issue and the body language expert compared the duchess’ speaking style to Obama.

“Even as she warned that if women don’t vote they are ‘complicit in the problem’ her non-verbal tone was more pleading that finger-wagging,” James explained. “In this respect there were similarities to Michelle Obama’s body language this week, when her raised brows and worried expression suggested similar pleading, although Meghan also adds enough inspirational touches to motivate gently rather than worry.”

“Meghan’s chest-pat is fast emerging as her signature move during these inspirational talks,” James explained, adding how Meghan’s approach definitely helps her connect with a younger audience. “Her smiling delivery adds a personal touch and her calm delivery makes her look like an older sister giving some strong but affectionate advice,” James explained.