Meghan McCain Claps Back At Donald Trump Over Tweet Calling Her ‘Angry and Obnoxious’

Meghan McCain isn’t one to shy away from haters. And this week, when The View host was reminded of a poorly-aged tweet in which Donald Trump called her “angry and obnoxious,” she clapped back with the most epic response.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

Meghan McCain worked for Fox before joining ‘The View’

Trump’s insulting tweet was written in 2015 when McCain was working for Fox News. As the daughter of late Senator John McCain, the talk show host grew up in the political arena. She helped her father with his 2008 presidential campaign and worked closely with his campaign staffers and strategists.

With all her political insight, she initially joined Fox News as a contributor. She appeared on episodes of The Five and eventually became a regular host on Outnumbered

In 2017, McCain left Fox News to join Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on The View as a permanent co-host. She is currently the sole conservative on the panel.

Trump called her out in 2015

In 2015, after McCain made an appearance on The Five, Donald Trump took to Twitter to criticize her.  Not only did he call her “angry and obnoxious” he also said she wouldn’t have a future on television.

“Meghan McCain was terrible on The Five yesterday,” Trump tweeted. “Angry and obnoxious, she will never make it on T.V. Fox News can do so much better.”

McCain addressed the tweet on a 2019 episode of The View. She said being called out by the president was scary, because of all the ire it drew from his supporters.

“When I worked at Fox he asked me to get fired, he tweeted for me to get fired,” she said. “When President Trump says something about you and zeroes you out, it is very scary and I know from experience it is very intense. His supporters come out just like heaves of zombie apocalyptic people coming to get you and it’s very, very scary.”

Meghan McCain shades Donald Trump over the 2015 tweet

On July 18, Trump’s 2015 tweet resurfaced when a Tweets That Don’t Age Well account posted it on Instagram. In his tweet, Trump said McCain would not have a career in television, which definitely proved untrue. So, McCain reshared the post and captioned it with an epic message.

“Thanks for the reminder of this @tweetsthatdontagewell,” she wrote. “I forgot Trump even did this. I think I’m doing okay with the old tv career… fun fact, @theviewabc won best daytime talk show Emmy while I have been one of the co-hosts this year, Trump and The Apprentice never won one, ever.”


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McCain pointing out that Trump never an Emmy for The Apprentice is a savage move. This has been a sore point for the president for years. And he’s posted multiple tweets calling the Emmy process rigged and unfair.

Earlier this week, McCain also criticized Trump and his daughter Ivanka for their unethical and “creepy” endorsement of Goya products.