Meghan McCain Reacts to Reports ‘The View’ Staff Is ‘Banned’ From Talking to Her

Meghan McCain left The View earlier this year after four seasons on the successful talk show. The Republican pundit has been off the show for less than two months and she already released a memoir from her time on the show. McCain claims to not having a good experience on the ABC talker and ahead of the release of her tell-all, there was a report that staff on the show was banned from talking to her. The former co-host is now weighing in on what she thinks about that alleged prohibition.

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Was Meghan McCain banned from talking to ‘The View’ staff?

Before McCain released her memoir, there was a report that The View staff was being asked not to speak to the former co-host. Page Six reported that executive producer Brian Teta didn’t want any leaks about the show hitting the tabloids via McCain. When the latter made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on October 20, she was asked by a fan if she had read the article and McCain answered.

“So, I read this,” she said. “If it’s true, they’re doing a terrible job because my hair and makeup people work at The View — or one of them does now — and I use their stylists still and I still talk to a lot of the hosts including Sunny [Hostin].”

Cohen then asked if McCain expected Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg to contact her following the release of her book where she’s very critical of them.

“I think the stuff with Whoopi has been really blown up,” McCain explained. “I adore Whoopi and I love her, I think things went off the rails. And I was trying to give context to my experience leaving and I adore Whoopi, she’s an American icon. I have more love for her than anything else, I just wanted to explain myself and the things that happened.”

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Meghan McCain explains why she thinks ‘The View’ is toxic

McCain did not hold back about her experience on The View, although it was full of negativity. The Republican pundit narrates in “Bad Republican” that she feels that the toxicity on the show is thanks to little oversight from the network.

“ABC won’t lay down the law when it comes to conduct at The View. We’re like the network’s crazy cousin,” she explained in an excerpt shared by Variety. “HR reports seem to fall on deaf ears, starting from years before I worked there. And as a result, people — both on camera and off — feel empowered to act however they like, and do whatever they want.”

McCain claims that she “was the target of plenty of shade” and she “also experienced more toxic, direct and purposeful hostility.”

Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin posing for 'The View' Season 25 promo shot
Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Sunny Hostin | ABC/Robert Ascroft

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In another part of the book, she questions why The View is immune to the “dismantling of toxic work environments” like other places have fallen.

“The idea of a show dedicated to women having conversations that society reserves for men is important and necessary in our culture,” she says. “But there are some things about the show that feel stuck in 1997 when The View first went on air.”

“Bad Republican” is available to download on Audible now.