Meghan McCain Skips ‘The View’ After Whoopi Goldberg Shut Her Down

Meghan McCain was noticeably gone from The View after her on-air feud with Whoopi Goldberg. The conservative co-host did not do the program following the tense moment with the show’s moderator. Her absence was absolutely striking to fans on social media where they debated about the TV personality.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Lou Rocco

What happened between the co-hosts?

At the beginning of the hour, Goldberg announced that McCain had the day off from the show. Her absence was clear as it was a day after they both went back and forth during the live broadcast. The spar came after McCain assured Goldberg that she wasn’t on the show during an interview with the co-presidents of the Women’s March.

“Yeah, I was there,” Goldberg fired back.

“You were not,” McCain insisted.

They both went back and forth a couple more times and it wasn’t long before fans dug up the video as proof Goldberg was, in fact, there.

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Fans react to Meghan McCain’s absence

When Goldberg announced McCain was not going to be on the show, fans took to Twitter to share their theories as to why she had skipped the episode. Could it be that she was embarrassed after the on-air spat?

“Knew crazy Meghan would be gone today after her behavior yesterday,” a fan tweeted.

“Thank you for giving Meghan a day off before she blew a fuse,” a viewer added.

“Wonderful episode without Meghan McCain,” a Twitter user noted. “I heard everyone’s viewpoint without loud, obnoxious sighs, interruptions, and eye rolls. Please keep this up.”

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Everything in my head…shows up on my face!

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“Was so happy to hear that Meghan McCain would NOT be on today’s show,” another fan commented. “I can’t stand her ‘Karen’ personality and whining. Good riddance.”

“Meghan misses another day and owes [an] apology,” another viewer suggested. “Please make her days off permanent. We need both sides but not from someone who acts like a toddler throwing a tantrum.”

“Apparently yesterday was too much for Meghan and she doesn’t apologize, so a day off it is,” another Twitter user said.

“Meghan McCain must have gotten really mad yesterday. I would have actually enjoyed her trying to defend Bill Barr today,” another fan added.

“Meghan, thank you for taking the day off. I hope you are doing some reflection on your behavior,” another viewer commented.

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Somedays chickens, somedays feathers.

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Meghan McCain has had issues with Whoopi Goldberg before

The debates on The View often get heated when the ladies discuss controversial topics. During one of the last episodes of 2019, Goldberg got so fed up with McCain she told her to “stop talking right now.” When McCain made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she addressed the drama.

“It was rough,” McCain told Andy Cohen. “I will say that she was having a bad day and we talked about it that night and the next day. It’s live TV and it’s really stressful times for everyone. I adore her. She apologized off-air, she apologized on-air. We all f***-up on the show. I forgive her and I love her and I could not do the show… if she leaves, I go.”

McCain also said that if Goldberg were to leave the show, she would leave as well as she respects the EGOT legend.

“Whoopi is the anchor of the show and my life there,” McCain continued. “She always picks us up when we’re down. If she jumps, I jump. Whoopi is… I adore her and I need her as the moderator.”

Fans are now anxiously waiting to see if McCain apologizes to Goldberg on-air when she returns to the show.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT/CT on ABC.

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