Meghan McCain Slams Time Magazine for Naming Joe Biden, Kamala Harris ‘Person of the Year’

Meghan McCain is best known recently for being one of the co-hosts of The View. The conservative star has been on maternity leave since September and is getting ready to make a comeback. McCain loves to talk about politics and fans of the ABC talk show have been getting her view on things through Twitter. The Republican pundit recently came out and called out Time magazine for naming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as Person of the Year.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Heidi Gutman/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Why is Meghan McCain upset?

What a lot of The View fans love about McCain is that she is strong with her convictions. McCain stands for something and the viewers react positively to that as she stands her ground. Her stance on things certainly land her in hot water but that’s expected being the only ultra-conservative voice on a mainstream show.

Although most of her time has been concentrated on her newborn baby, McCain continues to update her followers on Twitter. The conservative voice shines a light on topics that are of interest to her and call out things that she disagrees with.

As Time magazine revealed their cover for Person of the Year, the publication gave the distinction to president-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris. This decision was met with criticism from some, including McCain, that didn’t agree with the election.

“It really should have been frontline workers,” she tweeted. “This is a disrespectful call to all the frontline workers who have kept our country moving and sacrificed so much this year.”

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Happier news for Meghan McCain

Despite not agreeing with the Time magazine cover for 2020, McCain has many other things that make her joyful. Baby Liberty is sure to top the list of things that are making McCain happy as she’s been sharing with her fans. In late November, the political analyst posted one of the sweetest messages regarding motherhood.

“My baby Liberty is two months old tonight,” McCain shared in a tweet on November 28. “I am not a poet nor an artist so I cannot fully express the ecstasy of motherhood. However, I will say having a daughter answers every existential and ontological question a human being confronts in this wild life.”

Becoming a mother to Liberty has made McCain have a different look on life. Throughout her time on The View she expressed that motherhood was not something she was sure she wanted. However, meeting her baby has changed McCain completely.

“The magic of new motherhood is truly the antidote to all the ugly, bitter chaos in the world — and no one is more surprised than me how much being a mother suits me,” she tweeted.

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Although McCain has honored Liberty’s privacy, she has let out details here and there. She let her fans know that her daughter is like “a little wildcat.”

“Having Liberty is like observing my entire heart life and exist outside of my body,” she posted on Instagram. “She is a little wildcat — beautiful, strong, alert, already so full [of] life and spirit… I only wish I had done this sooner.”

McCain is expected to return to The View starting January 4.