Mel Gibson Once Revealed He Was ‘Never’ Allowed ‘In the Same Room’ as Denzel Washington or Richard Gere

Mel Gibson made it big as an actor back in 1979 when he landed the starring role in the film franchise “Mad Max.” Gibson has since gone on to star in various productions, including “Braveheart” and “Passion of the Christ.”

Gibson once recalled that there were many years when he couldn’t even be in the same room as two other successful actors: Denzel Washington and Richard Gere.

Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson
Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mel Gibson’s acting career spans more than 30 years

Gibson was born in the United States but spent the later part of his childhood in Australia. His parents relocated from New York to Sydney, Australia, when he was 12, and as he grew older, he knew he wanted to study acting.

Once Gibson landed his breakout role in Mad Max (1979) as Max Rockatansky. The film opened Gibson up to other roles, and in 1981, he starred as Frank Dunne in the Australian film “Gallipoli.” Gibson established himself as the type of actor to play heavy-hitting roles, and he went on to star in films such as “Braveheart” and “The Patriot.”

Gibson owes plenty of his success to his longtime agent, Ed Limato. Limato helped him secure his most famous roles, though it turns out Gibson’s agent did everything he could to prevent Gibson from interacting with a few other actors.

Mel Gibson and Richard Gere in 2013
Mel Gibson and Richard Gere in 2013 | Jonathan Leibson/WireImage

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Gibson once recalled that his manager refused to let him interact with two other actors

Limato managed Gibson for most of his career, but he was known to be an agent for the stars — and, along with Gibson, he managed Denzel Washington and Richard Gere, among others. In 2017, seven years after Limato’s death, Gibson recalled to Access that he once could never be in the same room as the other two.

“[Washington] and Richard Gere and I had the same agent, and the agent would never let us all be in the same room at the same time,” Gibson said. “It had something to do with [Limato’s] business … When you’d come over his house, he’d change the picture frames from the back to the front to make it look like you were the most important.”

The three men all went out to dinner after Limato died

Gibson was also asked whether there was ever competition for roles between him and the other two actors and whether they ever landed a role that he had tried to get. “Of course,” Gibson said, though he didn’t note exactly which roles he’d lost out on.

Limato died from emphysema complicated by pneumonia at 73. And Gibson said that when Limato died, the three actors had a chance to get to know each other after having worked with the same man for so many years.

“When he finally passed away is when the three of us all sat down to dinner together and had a great dinner,” Gibson said. “We toasted [to] him. It was the first time all three of us were together.”