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Sister Wives fans might be preparing to watch the final moments of the Brown family’s polygamist lifestyle. Season 17 of the series premieres on September 11, and things don’t appear to be going well between Kody and three of his four partners, based on the trailer TLC released ahead of the premiere. Meri Brown, Kody’s first estranged wife, appears to be ramping up her social media presence. Some cryptic Instagram stories suggest there might be more trouble in her already frigid union. Is Meri preparing to leave for real? Some fans think so, while others believe she’s just blowing off steam, again. 

‘Sister Wives’ fans debate about Meri Brown’s commitment to her marraige 

Ahead of season 17 of Sister Wives, Meri Brown is giving fans something to talk about. The small business owner took to her Instagram stories to share a quote about closing the door on things that no longer serve you. Over the last week, Meri has also posted to her social media profiles about not accepting bad behavior and cutting people out of her life. 

Meri Brown during an episode of 'Sister Wives'
Meri Brown in ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC via YouTube

Some Reddit users theorize that Meri might be subtly announcing the end of her marriage to Kody, which hasn’t served her in many years. While the theory has some merit, Meri doesn’t seem particularly interested in officially ending her spiritual union. 

Meri and Kody’s marriage seemed to implode in 2015 when Meri was caught up in a catfishing scandal. More recently, Meri revealed that trouble between her and her husband started years before that. During the explosive Season 16 tell-all episode, Meri Brown revealed that she and her husband hadn’t been intimate in more than a decade. 

Meri Brown hasn’t announced a true separation, and the trailer doesn’t indicate it’s going to happen, either 

If Meri Brown is leaving her marriage for good, she’ll likely want to make an official announcement in the next week. After all, Christine Brown’s very well-timed separation announcement last year helped buoy the reality TV show’s ratings. 

Christine Brown poses with Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown in a TLC photograph for season 17 of 'Sister Wives.'
Christine, Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC/Discovery Press

Christine announced her separation from Kody in early November 2021. Season 16 of Sister Wives premiered just a couple of weeks later. Much of the season dealt with Christine’s mounting frustration in her marriage, and the trailer made it obvious. The season 17 trailer didn’t offer much information about Kody and Meri’s union, which seems to suggest nothing is really all that different between the estranged couple. 

Meri Brown has spent years posting cryptic quotes to Instagram 

While some Sister Wives fans still hold out hope that Meri is going to leave Kody for good, it seems less likely than ever to happen. If she ever does leave, her Instagram activity is unlikely to be what gives it away. Meri has spent years posting cryptically to her Instagram. She often shares quotes about troubled relationships, being poorly treated, and rising above drama on her Instagram stories. 


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Her more traditional posts don’t paint a picture of a happily married woman, either. Cryptic quotes, melancholy musings, and sad captions are pretty common. Still, Meri rarely mentions anyone in the Brown family outside her own child. On the rare occasion that she does mention Kody by name, it’s usually to defend him. In December 2020, she commented about the criticism her marriage gets from fans. She insists that she loves Kody, and no one needs to understand why. 

In short, the cryptic quotes don’t appear to indicate Meri is getting ready to leave her troubled marriage. Only time will tell, though. The estrangement could worsen, or Meri could move, ostensibly putting an end to the union once and for all. Instagram probably isn’t the best indication of changes in the marriage, though.