Met Gala 2022: Jared Leto Brought a Doppelganger to the Red Carpet

Anyone watching the 2022 Met Gala may have a moment of confusion as they tried to identify Jared Leto. He walked the red carpet, but he brought a doppelganger to the event. The pair were similar enough that they looked like twins at first glance. The actor and musician is dedicated to fashion and brought a unique take to the Met Gala red carpet. He brought a doppelganger, but people also thought a third Leto was walking the carpet.

Jared Leto wears a blue suit against a pink background.
Jared Leto | Lia Toby/Getty Images

Jared Leto was confused for another person on the Met Gala red carpet 

When Leto arrived on the red carpet with a near-exact copy of himself, people were stunned. Not just because the doppelganger was an eerie approximation of Leto, but because most people thought Leto had already walked the red carpet. 

Earlier in the evening, entrepreneur Frederik Robertsson walked the red carpet in a silver porcupine outfit, accented with needle-like eye makeup and slicked back platinum hair. Many people assumed that Robertsson was Leto, an assumption that wasn’t righted until Leto walked the red carpet much later.

Jared Leto brought a doppelganger to the Met Gala red carpet

A while after Robertsson entered the event, Leto surprised many viewers and commentators by walking the red carpet. His appearance after the identity confusion wasn’t the only shock. Leto arrived with another doppelganger, marking three possible Letos on the red carpet.

The House of Gucci actor arrived on the red carpet in, fittingly, a beige, embroidered Gucci suit with a hot pink bow tie. Accompanying him was Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. Both wore the same long hairstyle with a silver barrette and matching facial hair and sunglasses.

This stunt is not Leto’s first on the Met Gala red carpet. In 2019, he leaned into the camp theme by carrying a replica of his own severed head into the event. As with this year, his outfit was head to toe Gucci. 

“It’s Gucci, it’s head by Gucci, it’s a little bizarre. It’s all Alessandro, it’s all the team at Gucci,” he said, per HuffPost. “They’re the most lovely group of people, I’m really fortunate to work with them. They’re really good friends and it’s a fun time.”

The actor and musician values fashion

Leto’s lean into unique Met Gala looks makes sense given the high value he places on personal style. He believes that the way people dress is intensely personal. 

“It’s a lot more than what someone is wearing,” he told GQ. “There are quite a few people who I think have excellent style not just through their clothes but through their personality, their energy and the positivity they emanate.”

He explained that his personal style depended on his mood.

“My style depends on my mood and what I’m doing,” he said. “I have quite a few favorite outfits over the years. Things I’ve regretted … Nothing specific comes to mind but I’m sure if I take a trip down memory lane there may be a few things I regret. Or maybe not.”

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