Michael Jordan’s Daughter Had to Google Him to Find out Why People Knew His Name

If you know anything about basketball, or if you’re simply a human being who spends any time out in the world, it’s a guarantee that you know Michael Jordan‘s name. Coined as the greatest basketball player of all time, the NBA legend won six championships with the Chicago Bulls and helped put the NBA on a global stage.

In a recent 10-part documentary, ESPN’s The Last Dance, fans of Jordan got to experience his final season with the Bulls and learn about the trials and triumphs that he encountered on and off the court while trying to create a legacy.

Still, while we all know his name, Jordan’s eldest daughter, Jasmine Jordan just revealed that when she was growing up, she had no idea that her dad was famous.

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‘The Last Dance’ showed the real Michael Jordan

Despite his mega fame, Michael Jordan is a very private person. He does not have any personal social media accounts and he rarely gives interviews. However, The Last Dance revealed the real Jordan, one that fans did not often see.

Not only did the documentary chronicle the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls season, but it also revealed Jordan’s relationship with fellow players on his team and across the NBA. He was not always the easiest person to get along with. The docuseries also dispelled a myth about his infamous “flu” game which was really food poisoning.

There was also the year and a half he left the NBA for baseball following the tragic murder of his father, James R. Jordan, Sr. Still, there were some aspects of Jordan’s life that were missing from the series.

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Michael Jordan’s ex-wife and children were barely included in the documentary

Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy from 1989 through 2006, almost the entirety of his time in the NBA. They also had three children together, Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. However, they are hardly included in The Last Dance at all. However, there is no malice there.

“At the end of the day you can ask my mom and she loved it,” Jasmine Jordan explained to ESSENCE Magazine. “There’s no need to go down memory lane and bring up everything that has already happened when the proof is in the pudding. She was at the championships, she was at the retirement ceremony. We saw her in all of her glory, in her best way. So, I don’t think there was a need to rehash and go through it all. She already lived it.”

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Michael Jordan’s daughter had to Google him to figure out why he was famous

Though we all got to relive Jordan is his prime, his eldest daughter revealed that growing up in the ’90s, she had no idea about her father’s mega fame.

“I had kids and teachers and stuff at school telling me ‘It’s incredible your father is who he is.’ And I’m thinking you all haven’t met my father to my knowledge, how do you know this?” she told Good Morning America. “So I did, I Googled him. And I found a lot clearly. I had that conversation with my father afterward and he just laughed and was like, ‘Hey, there’s no way to really tell you anything like that.’ But between him and my mom, they made sure that we felt like he was normal as can be and we grew up very normal and for that I’m grateful. I was so young at the time — so now I’m understanding the chaos and everything that was happening. It’s been a joy, really, to watch and I think like everybody else we’re sad that it’s over.”