Michael Strahan Just Gave a Rare Glimpse Into His Life as a Father of Twin Daughters

Michael Strahan is one of the few athletes who was able to seamlessly transition from the football field to behind the camera. After his Super Bowl win with the New York Giants, Strahan retired and jumped straight to working as a commenter on Fox NFL Sunday. He was such a success that he’s moved on to non-sports-related hosting. 

After a stint on a talk show with Kelly Ripa, Strahan started a new gig hosting Good Morning America. But his life has not been without struggles. Despite immense professional success, a nasty divorce caused a lot of problems for Strahan in the early 2000s. It led him to seek full custody of his kids.

This may be one of the reasons why he is so private about his children. However, a recent Instagram post proves how proud he is of his kids. 

Michael Strahan and his ex-wife Jean Muggli had a contentious divorce 

Before being drafted to the NFL, Strahan was married and had two children. That relationship didn’t work out. But after a few great years with the Giants, the defensive end moved on and married Jean Muggli in 1999. The two had twins a few years later, Sophia and Isabella Strahan. When the girls were just two, Michael and Muggli sought a divorce. 

Unfortunately, things did not go smoothly. Muggli even went so far as to dump Michael’s things in the yard and have a yard sale while he was away. Michael decided to seek full custody of the twins, after alleging emotional and physical abuse at their mother’s hands.

In 2020, a full 14 years after their divorce, the two seem to have settled matters. In November of 2020, they came to a joint custody arrangement. 

Michael Strahan is private about his twin daughters Sophia and Isabella

Former NFL player Michael Strahan and daughters, Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan, attend Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2018
Michael Strahan (C) and daughters, Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan, at the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Michael tries to keep his private life under wraps, despite how difficult this has been in the past. The 50-year-old doesn’t often share information about his kids. But he recently posted about his daughter Isabella on Instagram. She walked the runway for designer Sherri Hill, and her dad took to social media to congratulate her on “crushing it.” 

Even though Michael tries to keep their private lives under wraps, Sophia and Isabella are budding Instagram influencers. Both have follower counts in the five digits on their public Instagram accounts. Isabella’s Instagram shows pics of her posing on the beach, while Sophia’s Instagram has a more eclectic vibe. 

Sophia and Isabella seem comfortable in the public eye. However, Michael’s first two children are much more private. 

How many children does Michael Strahan have?

Michael has four children in total. His first two kids were born before his NFL career. Tanita Strahan is Michael’s daughter with his ex-wife Wanda Hutchins. Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr., was born before Hutchins and Michael divorced in 1996. Both of Michael’s older children are quiet on social media, even though they could easily leverage their dad’s fame for followings of their own. 

Hopefully, Michael and his ex-wife Muggli are able to avoid further legal battles. The twins will turn 18 this year, so any new custody issues will be moot. Once they’re of age, the Strahan twins may explode onto the entertainment scene. Both girls have been building their reputations for years. All their hard work will certainly pay off. 

After all, Isabella has already started her modeling career. The girls could continue down the influencer route, or become successful models or even actors. 

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