What Is Michael Winslow’s Net Worth?

A familiar face took the stage alongside the unknowns in a recent episode of America’s Got Talent. It was Police Academy star Michael Winslow. Winslow was a comedy staple in the early 1990s thanks to his uncanny ability to create any sound using his voice. His appearance reminded people why he was such a magnetic presence during their younger years and made them wonder what his net worth is today. 

Michael Winslow makes himself heard

Michael Winslow is a sky blue button-up shirt holding a black microphone in front of a blue and purple textured background.
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According to IMDb, Winslow got his start as a musical comedian in the late 1970s to moderate success, but when he took his talents to the screen in 1980, he became a household name to comedy fans everywhere. Winslow maintained steady work as an actor and a voice star, but his 1985 turn in Police Academy changed his career for the better. 

From there, he worked with many of the biggest names in show business, from Mel Brooks to many of comedy’s biggest stars of the era. CNN notes, he had to put his career on pause after his wife died in 1993. Recently, he made his biggest appearance in many years on a hit television series different from the types he used to frequent in the 1980s. 

Michael Winslow has ‘Talent’ 

“I’m Michael Winslow. … I used to be ‘The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects’ — but we’re in the hundreds of thousands now,” Winslow told the delighted panel of judges. 

Winslow may have been a household name for a certain generation of Police Academy fans, but he never quite reached his previous fame after the death of his first wife. Yahoo noted how he saw the series as an opportunity to get back in the spotlight and show his sound-based comedy and performance art to a broader, younger audience who might not know his name.

The appearance was an overwhelming ‘Yes’ from all four judges. It was a beautiful moment illustrating that the talent show is not just for those who want to make a name for the first time. It can be a jump-off to a second career for those who once were moderately famous. Where Winslow goes from here is anyone’s guess, but his appearance served as a reminder of how big he once was and his impact on children of the late 1980s. 

“My life has changed again for the better, and I’ve gotten another blessing,” Winslow told the judges. “Now, after raising my two kids, I’m in a different phase. I think this is my time. America’s Got Talent is the place for me to show I still have something to offer. I’ve still got some sounds to make, and there’s still room for a little more.”

The appearance was a welcomed check-in and had fans wondering why Winslow was on there. Despite taking a step back from fame, the actor and performer isn’t struggling. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he lives large with $1.5 million in the bank. For him, however, it wasn’t about money. It was about regaining something he lost with the death of his first wife. 

What is Winslow up to?

Winslow spoke about the hardships he endured following the death of his wife in 1993. While he steadily took work from there on out, he never had the time to do as much as he had earlier in his career. He wanted to be there as a father for his two children, focusing on his family rather than their hardships.

After two decades of occasional work, Winslow started taking jobs on movies such as Syfy’s proto-Police Academy reunion Lavalantula. Still using his mouth as a sound machine, Winslow has the charisma and the talent he displayed so many years ago. A late run with America’s Got Talent could be what is needed to get Winslow back to his status as an A-list performer. 

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