Mick Jagger’s Diamond Tooth Had 2 Other Gems That Didn’t Go Over Well

Frontman for The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger is known for many things, from his love of R&B music and dance moves on the stage to his sometimes-flamboyant attire, both on stage and off. He has been at the forefront of British rock and roll since the early 1960s, when his band was in direct competition with the likes of The Beatles and other popular bands of the time.

What fans may not realize about Jagger is that although he has a rugged rock and roll exterior, he actually has no tattoos on his body. However, he does have one unique adornment that makes him stand out in a crowd—his white diamond tooth gem.

Mick Jagger has been at the forefront of rock and roll for decades

Mick Jagger giving a toothy smile circa 1963-1970
Mick Jagger smiling | Bettmann via Getty Images

Mick Jagger grew up in the suburbs of London, but once he heard the likes of Elvis Presley, he knew that he wanted to pursue music. With his childhood friend Keith Richards, he put together a band that had a completely different sound than that of the groups at the time, adding more R&B and blues to their music than other rock groups. The duo would go on to join what eventually became The Rolling Stones.

According to AllMusic, The Rolling Stones were one of the most popular bands of the 1960s, giving the world hit songs such as “Satisfaction,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and “Paint It Black.”  Throughout controversies and lineup changes, The Rolling Stones have stood the test of time, and fans are confident that nothing will stop Jagger from continuing as long as possible.

Although music is the biggest part of Jagger’s public life, he is also known for his distinct look—shaggy hair, a big smile, and his sense of fashion. He fully embraced the fashions of each decade in which he lived, donning hippy clothes in the 1960s, the glam rock look in the 1970s, and the casual streetwear of the 1980s.

Jagger’s right incisor features a white diamond

Mick Jagger has been sporting a tooth gem since the 1970s, but the sparkling white diamond he has now wasn’t his first choice. When he first had a tooth gem put on, he decided on a green emerald. However, according to First Bite, Jagger’s friends and acquaintances kept telling him that he had spinach stuck to his teeth.

To avoid the constant spinach conversation, Jagger decided to change the tooth gem to a ruby, which is the singer’s birthstone. Unfortunately for Jagger, this choice of gem didn’t seem to work either. Friends and acquaintances were now pointing out that Jagger may have a spot of blood on his teeth. To avoid confusion, Jagger switched the ruby for a white diamond, and now it is a subtle sparkle that people have to look for to notice.

Mick Jagger isn’t the only celebrity with a tooth gem

While Mick Jagger’s tooth gem has made some headlines for how often it has been changed, he isn’t the only celebrity out there sporting mouth bling, according to The New York Times. Other musicians have also sported tooth gems. Drake’s mouth has featured a pink diamond, and Ariana Grande had a full set of gems she modeled for Twitter fans.

The trend has also spilled over into fashion. Some models, including Hailey Bieber, Adwoa Aboah, and Kendall Jenner, have sported the tooth gem trend. With all of the celebrities wearing this fashion, fans have also gotten into the trend, which can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, depending on the skill level of the person applying it, the gems used, and other factors.

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