Mike Hill Opens Up About Marital Trouble With Former ‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill continue to gush about their love for one another. Their love story was documented on Bailey’s last three seasons on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Despite the couple living in newlywed bliss, Hill admits things aren’t always peachy.

Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey on red carpet
Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey attend the 2021 Ebony Power 100 | Robin L Marshall/WireImage

Cynthia Bailey credits her husband for making her believe in love again

Bailey was previously married to Peter Thomas. Their marriage was riddled with financial trouble and rumors of Thomas cheating. Bailey filed for divorce in 2016. Post-divorce, she dated around for a bit before meeting Hill during a dating segment on The Steve Harvey Show.

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After her divorce from Thomas, she vowed to never marry again. But Hill changed her mind. “After my divorce, I needed a minute and I took some time to kind of just do me and it was very much needed,” the former supermodel told ESSENCE in 2019. “With Mike, the question for me I ask myself is not would I get married again, it just kind of became ‘Would I marry Mike? Yeah, I’ll marry Mike for sure because Mike is – he just feels right to me…He just feels good and he makes me happy and I feel good when I’m with him and he’s just his own person – he’s a whole person, I’m a whole person and, when we’re together, it’s great.

The couple wed in a lavish ceremony in Georgia in October 2020. Several of Bailey’s RHOA co-stars were her bridesmaids.

The sportscaster admits they had a tense disagreement while celebrating their wedding anniversary 

The couple’s busy schedules force them to schedule time together. This includes celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary. But Hill says their anniversary wasn’t without conflict. In an interview with Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Hill explains that even their good times can be interrupted. 

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“Sunday was our anniversary and then I took Monday off and had to go back to work on Tuesday. We basically stayed in town and went to this great hotel that’s in town in West Hollywood and we just chilled, went to dinner, and enjoyed each other’s company,” he began. “But I’ll say because we are also very transparent…yeah we argue and I’m going to tell you right now that Sunday was great [but] that Monday, I was like, ‘We might not make it to year two.’ Because it was just something that happened..I don’t go too far into our business…it was nothing malicious…it was just a misunderstanding. A lot of times it’s just communication.”

Luckily they quickly got over their drama. He credits being willing to fight through their disagreements as to the reason for making their relationship work.

Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey faced cheating rumors

Last November, a woman claimed Hill sent her nudes on social media. Hill immediately denied the woman’s story.

Both Hill and Bailey spoke with TMZ while trailing through an airport about the alleged scandal. Hill, 51, that the allegation was “not true.” Bailey corroborated her husband’s account, adding the situation was “very annoying. Hill added, “We’re great…rumors are rumors.”

The sportscaster made it known that he would “absolutely” take legal action against the woman if the allegations continue. “We’ll take care of it the way it’s supposed to be taken care of,” he said. Hill also said he has “no idea who it is,” but he hopes the woman will “get help.”

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