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The “Old Mike vs. New Mike” episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 pulls back the curtain on Angelina Pivarnick’s alleged affair with Joe “Old Bridge” Tarallo and involvement in leaking the infamous wedding speech. During the episode, the JSFV cast took to Twitter to air the dirty laundry because as Lauren Sorrentino said, “The dirty laundry always comes out in the wash.” Find out what Angelina says happened and get Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s side of the story. 

Screenshots of Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and Angelina Pivarnick from the July 7 episode of 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'
Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Angelina Pivarnick | MTV

Mike shares information from ‘Old Bridge’ and Chris Larangeira on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’

As Mike reveals in “Old Mike vs. New Mike,” Angelina’s alleged “side-piece” reached out to him and claimed he had an affair with her for two years. “Apparently, ‘Old Bridge’ got a little salty that she’s got a second piece in another country,” Mike tells Lauren in the episode. While filming All Star Shore in Spain at the end of 2021, Angelina formed a friendship with Luis “Potro” Caballero, the “second side piece.” 

“What happened was the side piece in America became besties with the husband,” Mike continues. “They exchanged stories and they both contacted me the same day.” Mike, who claims he has “receipts” from “Old Bridge,” also got a call from Chris regarding Angelina’s involvement in leaking the roommates’ speech from their 2019 wedding. Mike recorded the call so he had proof because up until that point, Angelina denied leaking the audio. 

“She did leak the f***ing video of the f***ing speech,” Chris tells Mike. “She leaked it bro. I was there when she called the f***ing people. An anonymous source. She leaked it to play the victim. ‘Oh my God. They f***in’ abused me at my own wedding!’ F*** you, b****.” 

Angelina Pivarnick clarifies her connection to ‘Old Bridge’  

During the episode, Angelina also took to Twitter to say her piece about both situations. “It’s very true,” she replied to a fan who guessed Chris has a lot of “skeletons in his closet.” 

“There’s things no one knows because he lies about it,” Angelina’s response continues. “At this point I should tell everyone the truth cause he is telling lies about me. It’s sick. And as far as Old Bridge I [haven’t] know him for two years. August will be two years [I’ve known him].” 

In another tweet, Angelina claims Chris is living “with his mommy now.” Angelina also said: “It’s going to take time but the truth will prevail. Chris knows what the truth is” (via Twitter). 

Angelina claims her ‘Jersey Shore’ roommates trusted Chris without speaking to her 

In another reply tweet, Angelina said she was upset with the situation because her roommates didn’t talk to her about it first. “I was very upset they believed him without speaking to me,” she said. 

“I must admit he is very good at making ppl think he’s the good guy all the time,” she added. “I lived with him [and] dealt with a lot more than anyone knows. He needs to stop.” 

Mike allegedly spoke with Angelina about what ‘Old Bridge’ and Chris said in ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ episode

According to “The Situation,” he confronted Angelina with the information “Old Bridge” and Chris shared with him. “I had already sat down with her the week before,” he said on Twitter in response to a critical fan.

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Mike continues: “Once I got this new info from multiple sources I felt played and lied to. When that happens I believe you are not being a good friend to me and it needs to be confronted.” 

This situation will continue to play out in next week’s episode “Trip to El Paso.” Mike encourages fans to pay close attention. “I believe you will like the ending,” he tweeted. “Keep watching.”

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