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Jersey Shore fans know and love Mike “The Situation” and Lauren Sorrentino’s family dog Moses “Mosey” Sorrentino. In the “Spill the Tea” episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the Sorrentinos reveal the reality TV pup has cancer. Here’s what we know about “Mosey,” including when Mike welcomed him into his life and details about the kind of cancer the dog has. 

Moses 'Mosey' Sorrentino, Mike 'The Situations' dog
Moses ‘Mosey’ | Twitter

Moses was a birthday gift for Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino

According to Twitter, Mike welcomed Moses into his life in July 2012. “Meet my puppy Moses! – Meet the Newest Member of the Sorrentino Family: Moses the Golden Retriever.”

The blog post associated with the tweet has since been deleted, but a web archive gives us more details. “The sweetest puppy mush that ever lived: Moses Sorrentino,” the blog reads, continuing: 

“Gifted to Sitch by his sister Melissa for his 30th birthday, Moses has won all of our hearts with his laid-back attitude and loving personality. Mike and Moses have already formed a tight bond. This pup is the perfect example of ‘man’s best friend!'”

The Sorrentinos get bad news about their dog Mosey in ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ 

During the “Spill the Tea” episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Mike and Lauren take Moses to the vet. He had been limping previously and they wanted to get him checked out. 

In the parking lot, the Sorrentinos get news from their vet no pet owner ever wants to hear. “There’s masses throughout his chest,” Dr. Palmer tells them. “I think our options are going to be pretty limited to what we can offer him now.” 

“We’re definitely not OK, obviously,” Mike tells cameras. “You don’t want a call from the doctor saying your dog is dying.” 

The couple gets Moses surgery, but later in the episode, they find out that wasn’t enough. Lauren gets another call from their vet, who says: “… I got the biopsies back and unfortunately it does confirm what we had suspected. He does have hemangiosarcoma in the liver.” 

The doctor assumed that is where the nodule they found and removed from Moses’ lungs came from. During their call, the vet estimated Moses had one to three months left to live. The couple assumed they would have had more time with Moses, especially considering the surgery. 

What is hemangiosarcoma in dogs?

According to the Morris Animal Foundation, hemangiosarcoma is a deadly canine cancer that can strike without warning. It most commonly affects dogs like Moses who are middle-aged or older and male.

This type of dog cancer is most common in German shepherds, golden retrievers, Portuguese water dogs, and Labrador retrievers. As the Sorrentinos found out on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, “even when a tumor is quickly detected and removed, the outlook for dogs with hemangiosarcoma is grim.” 

Moreover, the causes of this type of cancer are unknown. Organizations like GSPCA and the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation are actively researching the disease.

Moses is a beloved ‘Jersey Shore’ icon 

In the JSFV episode, the Jersey Shore cast recalls Mike bringing Moses to the shore house during the show’s early days. “Mosey is literally our Jersey Shore family,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tells cameras.

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Moreover, Moses was there for Lauren when Mike was in prison for eight months. The dog was also there to welcome the Sorrentinos’ son Romeo when he came home from the hospital.

At publication, it’s unclear if Moses is still with the Sorrentinos.