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Singer Miley Cyrus‘ No. 1 rock album, Plastic Hearts, debuted in 2020. While it all worked out for the best, there was a time where the artist’s plans for the year looked different. Discover why Cyrus decided not to move forward with She Is Miley Cyrus and what she thinks that says about her.

Miley Cyrus released her 2020 album ‘Plastic Hearts’ 

Following months of speculation after the release of her August 2020 single “Midnight Sky,” Cryus announced her seventh studio album, “Plastic Hearts.” The record, which features collaborations with Dua Lipa, Billy Idol, and Joan Jett, was released on November 27, 2020, to acclaim.

“My PLASTIC HEART is overwhelmed by the support I’m receiving tonight,” Cyrus tweeted on the eve of the album’s debut. “I was f*cking born to make the record I’ve just released! To my fans who have been here from the beginning, I appreciate you more than I can properly articulate.”

She scrapped her original plans after her house burned down

Cyrus originally announced She Is Miley Cyrus. “I was going and making a set of 3 EPs, which were amazing,” she told Zane Lowe for Apple Music. “I was in love with the songs. But those two EPs weren’t’ relevant anymore. And even though I loved the songs for what they were, they lost their relevance. So to me, I can’t ever release that.”

The artist changed her mind following her whirlwind 2018-2019, in which her house burned down in a fire, and she divorced actor Liam Hemsworth. “Life just laughs,” she said of making plans. “I do think there’s something to having an idea of what you want,” she continued, but added, “I never let an idea or a schedule determine my creative choices.”

Cyrus didn’t set out to create ‘Plastic Hearts’

Coping with the fire destroying her home took time. “Part of you wants to just start digging through ash and find whatever is left,” she told Lowe of wanting to salvage what remained, which was very little. And Cyrus lost a lot more than just music. “My studio was the only thing that was left,” she added.

Though she put out the EP She Is Coming in 2019, Cyrus decided to move on to Plastic Hearts in 2020. And though she won’t be releasing the other lost tracks, she’s OK with that. “I write a lot of songs that no one ever hears — they’re just for me,” she told Lowe. Cyrus added, “Putting out music to me isn’t a big decision. It just is. It’s just flowing out constantly.”

Why she’s ‘removed’ from the songs she made before

Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on August 26, 2019, in Newark, New Jersey.
Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on August 26, 2019, in Newark, New Jersey. | Jamie McCarthy/VMN19/Getty Images for MTV

Miley Cyrus Announces New Album ‘Plastic Hearts’: ‘I Lost My House in a Fire but Found Myself in Its Ashes’

Cyrus spoke more about refocusing her efforts. She called the She Is era “sort of a representation” of her “fear of commitment” in regards to making “a statement,” or “having a full body of work [saying] ‘Here’s who I am.'” Cyrus believes this is because she is changing “daily.”

“When you make a record,” she explained, “You have to turn that in half a year before anyone’s actually going to hear it. You’re distant from it. Time heals all. The songs that are filled with pain or love or life, you’re removed from it. I always hated making physical records. I’m so happy that we’ve moved into a new way of putting out music.”