Miley Cyrus Felt Like a New Person After She Tried This Drug but She’s Hesitant to Ever Do It Again

Miley Cyrus, like many child stars, has done her fair share of drugs in her lifetime. Having grown up in the industry with a net worth that could afford her access to practically any drug she could think of, it’s not surprising that she’s experimented over the years. These days, however, Cyrus seems to be focused on remaining sober. But what exactly was it that inspired this change?

Miley Cyrus reflects on drugs
Miley Cyrus | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Recently, Cyrus released her newest album, Plastic Hearts, which is being heralded in the music industry as the best of her career. The Hannah Montana alum recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the album and what her life has looked like for the last few years. In her typical candid nature, Cyrus shared that she made the choice to get and remain sober at 26 because she didn’t want to fall victim to the 27 club. Citing that many people in the industry tragically lost their lives at 27, Cyrus was determined not to become another statistic.

Miley Cyrus has committed to sobriety

Of course, getting sober is easier said than done. But Cyrus seems determined to make it work. Though she admits that she did go back to drinking for awhile during the pandemic, she has since recommitted to sobriety. Furthermore, she added that it’s been years since she’s done drugs of any kind.

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“Haven’t done drugs in years,” Cyrus shared with the popular magazine. “Honestly, I never try to, again, be a fortune-teller. I try to not be naive. Things fu*king happen. But from sitting here with you right now, I would say it would have to be a cold day in hell for me to relapse on drugs.”

The ‘Plastics Hearts’ artist reflects on one of her favorite drugs

Though Cyrus doesn’t think she’ll relapse, she hasn’t ruled out using drugs of some sort again in the future. She also reflected on her usage of ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is technically thought of as a brew, but because of its psychedelic and hallucinogenic properties, it is also classified as a drug. “I would possibly take mushrooms,” the “Malibu” singer confessed. “I did take ayahuasca, and I really, really liked that, but I don’t think I would do it again.”

Cyrus continued on to share that her experience with ayahuasca was extremely intense. “Ayahuasca was definitely one of my favorite drugs I’ve ever done,” she added. “When I did it, I asked everyone else in the room, ‘Did your entire life just change? Are you a new person?’ They all looked at me and said, ‘No.’ And they’re like, ‘You’re so extreme. Of course, you have to have the most extreme trip of all.’ Actually, the shaman said people take ayahuasca three, four times, sometimes 30 times before they have the kind of trip I had.”

Will Cyrus continue to champion sobriety?

It’s clear that Cyrus has had quite the experiences during her time experimenting with drugs. But the Hannah Montana star seems confident that that particular time of exploration in her life has come and gone. Only time will tell if she continues on a path of sobriety or decides on another course of action.