Miley Cyrus Is a Secret Expert in This Surprising Field

Celebrities love getting the Hollywood treatment. Walking red carpets, unlimited access to trainers, stylists, estheticians, and more. It’s no surprise that Miley Cyrus is one of the celebrities that enjoys a good facial treatment. Her skin is so amazing that she’s comfortable enough posting make-up free selfies, but it hasn’t always been that way. And, turns out Cyrus is a pro when it comes to skincare.

Miley Cyrus loves a good facial

Miley Cyrus arrives for the Saint Laurent Men's Spring-Summer 2020 runway show.
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According to Biba de Sousa, esthetician to the stars who customizes facials for the likes of Emily Blunt and Mandy Moore, Cyrus has been keeping a secret. No, it’s not another crazy adventure of hers.

And it’s not a big secret that she gets facials. It’s that she’s a skincare master, and de Sousa should know. De Sousa charges $300 an hour for her custom facials and explains some of her process in an interview with Insider. Her facials are entirely customizable because each step reveals the next step needed, and each person is different in what their skin needs. 

During an interview, she also shares about the process of her facials. Some of her tips include the misconception that oiler skin isn’t sensitive — it can be! She recommends microdermabrasion to polish off dead skin cells and microcurrent to stimulate muscles to do their job. A lot of the skin’s problems come down to aging, which causes fatigue of the face.

De Sousa shares that Cyrus has been coming to her for some time and that she is one of her clients that cares about her skin. De Sousa loves working with these types of clients because it gives them something to talk about during the facial, and she can go more in-depth with tips and the reasoning behind things.

De Sousa shared that Cyrus is a master level esthetician and can do a facial on herself because she’s learned so much. That sounds like quite the compliment coming from an expert.

Miley Cyrus is a skincare master

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Growing up, Cyrus didn’t have the best skin. She was embarrassed by this and worked hard to get her skin in good shape.

Because of her celebrity status, she was self-conscious over her skin to the point of trying to find ways to make it better. She has said that her mom never let her wear eye makeup, but would always let her enjoy some lip gloss.

She still loves a good lip gloss to this day. She also loves other makeup, but she doesn’t let just anyone do hers for her. In fact, she’s often doing her own.

She has said in interviews before that there are things she considers must-dos when it comes to her skincare routine. She will always wash her face at night, no matter how long the day has been or how tired she is. That makeup must come off.

She’ll also clean it when she wakes up and says this is the one thing she’ll always do above all else in the morning, even if she has time for nothing else. She also considers an eyelash curler better than mascara, and shares that you can use it and not even need mascara, which makes it easier to just fall asleep or have a cry-fest. 

Skincare isn’t the only thing Miley Cyrus knows about

Of course, Cyrus knows about more than just skincare. She’s been in the limelight since her Hannah Montana days, is an actress and singer, and is well-known for her antics and always-changing, sometimes wild ways.

You can see a lot of her story in all her tattoos, and despite inking up, she still keeps her face incredibly fresh. She’s been a Voice coach, joined the cast of Black Mirror, is headlining at BottleRock soon, and keeps plenty busy. She’s worth a fortune and probably spends a pretty penny on all those facials. Wouldn’t you?