Miley Cyrus Likes Buying Sex Toys but Doesn’t Use Them in a Way You Might Think

Miley Cyrus is all about doing whatever makes her happy, and it turns out that buying sex toys is one of those things that put a smile on her face.

In a recent interview, the singer opened up about her love of intimate accessories, which she not only buys for herself but also uses for a not-so-NSFW purpose.

Miley Cyrus likes to decorate her home with sex toys

When it comes to decorating living spaces, some people like to fill their homes with freshly scented candles, cute accent pillows, or even a nice family portrait. But in Cyrus’ case, she likes to go a different route to make a place feel like home.

While recently speaking with Sirius XM’s Barstool Radio, the “Slide Away” singer revealed that plain and simple isn’t the vibe she goes with when decorating her house.

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“I like sex toys. I buy them for myself, but I end up using them for interior design,” she said. “Sex and interior design go actually hand in hand.”

While the singer’s reveal might come as a shock to some, this actually isn’t the first time she’s opened up about using adult toys as home décor.

In August, the Disney Channel alum explained how she decorates her home using vibrators while appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

“I’ll buy a dildo, and [for] more than its operation — I don’t really wanna get in there with it because I love the way it looks on my table,” she said. “I like vibrators, but I mostly like the aesthetic.”

Miley Cyrus isn’t shy about her sex life

Being open about such a personal topic is nothing new for Cyrus.

Back in December, the singer revealed that she’d taken her sex life virtual while speaking with Howard Stern.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Hannah Montana star admitted that she hasn’t been dating much in person. However, she has been sustaining a sex life remotely through video calls.

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“I do a lot of FaceTime sex — it’s the safest sex. I’m not getting COVID,” she said during the interview. “I am definitely not going to be doing anything that’s irresponsible for myself or for other people … it’s just ridiculous for anybody that won’t take the right precautions to keep each other safe. It’s f*cked up.”

Since her split from singer Cody Simpson, Cyrus has been enjoying the single lifestyle. However, she’s still open to being in a relationship again and even told Stern that it doesn’t matter to her whether the next romance she’s in is with a man or a woman.

“I love people, I love who I love, I’ve had relationships with all genders and I’m down,” she explained. “Right now I’m kind of in the mood for some D, but I’m down for whatever, honestly.”

Leave it Miley Cyrus to always tell it like it is!