Miley Cyrus Says It’s Impossible for People to Judge Her ‘Sanity’ Based on Her Hair and Clothes

Miley Cyrus’ looks have been the subject of many conversations among fans, journalists, and music listeners. She went from looking like an average teenager on Hannah Montana to a risk-taking pop star.

While it’s easy for strangers on the internet to make judgments about Cyrus’ “sanity” based on her hair and clothes, Cyrus recently explained that people often jump to the wrong conclusion about her.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has been judged a lot for her looks

In the early 2010s, Cyrus began to break out of the clean-cut Disney image she often had as a teenager. She began wearing skimpier clothings, releasing songs about drugs and sex, and held controversial performances.

There had been a lot of talk about what this sudden change in Cyrus meant. Some people believed she was attention-seeking. Others simply felt she was another example of a child star who suffered from being famous at a young age.

In 2017, there seemed to be a change in Cyrus’ image. With the release of her single “Malibu” and album Younger Now, she returned to her country root, sported long blond hair, and toned down her overly-explicit image. People praised her for being “wholesome” again and seemingly “growing up.”

Miley Cyrus explains why her hair and clothes are not good indicators of her mental health

People have always made judgments about celebrities based on superficial qualities, such as their looks or behavior in a short video. However, Cyrus recently explained why onlookers have been wrong it comes to her.

“There’s an idea that during the Younger Now era, I was pure,” Cyrus told Rolling Stone. “The media likes to have my hair or what I look like be the point of reference for my sanity. “Hair’s long and blond, she’s sane right now. She cannot be fucked up on drugs. It’s when her hair is painted or she’s growing out her armpit hair [that] she’s on drugs.”

Cyrus also got married to Hemsworth in 2018, and some people believed she might soon settle into the stereotype of a married woman. However, Cyrus rebutted, “’She’s got a man. She’s living in a house playing wife.’ Dude, I was way more off my path at that time than any of the times before where my sanity was being questioned.”

Miley Cyrus is working on improving herself and her life


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In the past several months, Cyrus has been outspoken about her journey to sobriety. It’s no secret that Cyrus has used alcohol and drugs many times throughout her young adult years. However, the singer shared that addiction runs in her family, and she has been trying to live a more sober lifestyle.

Cyrus has shared that being sober has helped her re-assess her life and the people she surrounds herself with. She told Rolling Stone, “Now I have this healthy perspective that I didn’t have before. I learned a lot about what I can and cannot be for someone else and what I can and cannot accept for myself.”

Back in August, Cyrus also shared on the Call Your Daddy podcast that she has a higher standard for future partners than she did before.

“I want you to bring something to the f*cking table,” she said. “That’s what I really demand now as I’m getting older. I allowed so many people to just come and add their toxic f*cking breath to my air and suck out the life of my spaces. I’m just over that.”