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Bravo viewers got a behind the scenes look at how the network handles the “at home” confessionals during the season finale of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

The network had to pivot during the pandemic and provide current cast members with equipment and direction so they could film their own confessionals from home.

Josh Altman, Josh Flagg
Josh Altman, Josh Flagg | Casey Durkin/Bravo

Southern Charm cast member, Patricia Altschul recently shared a photo of her living room setup on Instagram. She sits in front of a green screen as production equipment fills the space. “My poor living room … at least I didn’t have to go to the studio which is very much appreciated,” Altschul wrote.

While it appears that each show has its own approach to the home confessional, the cast of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles kicked off the season finale with a glimpse inside how they created their confessionals.

The cast received professional equipment

James Harris and David Parnes are seen dragging full-sized professional cameras into their home. Parnes’ wife asks him what he is doing as he struggles to carry the enormous camera. “These are different times call for different measures,” he explains as he moves the camera into his home. “I’m setting up my own interview.”

Over at the Harris house, the camera is being gingerly carried into the house. Harris’s wife says, “There you go,” as she encourages her husband while he carries the large piece of expensive equipment.

Harris’s wife jokes about how he should show her his muscle. “I have a newfound respect for the camera crew,” Harris says as he struggles with the equipment. The camera comes with a full set of illustrated instructions. “This is what we’re dealing with,” Harris says as he thumbs through the instruction book. “Plug your camera in and turn on.” He seems delighted as he turns on the camera.

Viewers get a behind the scenes peek of the home confessionals

Josh Altman fiddles with the audio equipment. “We’re good, we’re rolling,” he says. The cast doesn’t appear to be working with green screens. Instead, they selected a room in their home to shoot. He also has a large ring light.

The producers are seemingly communicating with the cast via audio chat. Tracy Tutor is ready to film but asks where she should be looking. Josh Flagg seems a little distracted as a producer gives him direction. “Look directly into the camera and sit up straight,” the producer tells Flagg.

But Flagg wonders how the producer doesn’t know he’s already doing that. Harris has his own issues as he seems to be talking to a producer by phone as his daughter walks in front of the camera. “This is gonna be good,” he jokes.


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“Do you think Donald Trump could come over to my house and give me a haircut,” Flagg wonders. “Because I really appreciate it.”

The network seems to be honing home confessionals after the first round with the cast from The Real Housewives of New York City. Some viewers joked on social media about the audio quality but also the low-tech vibe.