‘Million Dollar Listing’ Drama Is Rising – ‘We Can Be Fine’ but Then ‘It Blows Up’ (Exclusive)

  • Tension builds between David Parnes and James Harris on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
  • The Million Dollar Listing broker duo reflect on the price disagreement they had during the latest episode
  • Blow ups turn on a dime on Million Dollar Listing this season

Viewers saw David Parnes and James Harris become a little tense with one another during the latest episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. And the duo revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet the heat is only starting to get cranked up on the show.

Why were tensions so high on ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’ this season?

The usually cheery duo got a little snappy with one another about the price of a property. Parnes said the drama only gets more intense. “And there’s a lot of head butting as well. But I think everyone gets into it, including me and James with each other. I mean, literally.”

Harris, who also spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet piped up and said, “No!” but then laughed.

“But this is probably worse than normal as far as because the tensions are so high,” Parnes admitted. “And I don’t know if you then bring the Covid situation in and everything’s been happening. It just feels because the tensions are so high, everyone is becoming combative with each other. And that creates a lot of friction and drama, which some hopefully gets resolved and some doesn’t. It’s just it is what it is.”

Did James Harris realize David Parnes was giving him the death stare?

And while Parnes and Harris may have a shorter fuse with one another this season, they fight more like brothers than brokers. Harris laughed that when it comes to price, he likes to “shoot from the hip” more than Parnes. He definitely shot from the hip when he agreed to the $10 million price when Parnes knew full well the property won’t trade at the rate.

James Harris and David Parnes from Million Dollar Listing Los Angles argue over price
James Harris and David Parnes from Million Dollar Listing Los Angles argue over price | Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Harris jumped right in and agreed on the price. Meanwhile, Parnes was seen giving Harris the death stare. “I shoot from the hip, definitely that one,” Harris laughed. “And then I get the look from David like you’ve got to shut up or I’m going to jump you. But you know what, it’s the yin and yang and you’ve got to have strengths and weaknesses.”

“And I think the most important thing in business is being able to recognize your strengths and recognize your weaknesses and sit back and say to myself, you know what, I’m weak in this area, let David take it or vice versa,” Harris continued. “Most of the time we can recognize that. And then other times we can’t. And there’s definitely the ‘we can’t’ this season. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.”

James Harris and David Parnes are almost like an old married couple

Parnes said emotions and tension change quickly this season. “Shocking actually, because it happens so quickly when it happens,” he remarked. “Like we can be fine one minute and then it just blows up. And I don’t think that’s actually happened to this degree before, but maybe it has. Maybe I have a short memory.”

Harris said their relationship is almost like a marriage. Parnes joked, “No sex.” To which Harris added, “No prenup!”

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Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is on Thursdays at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo.