‘Million Dollar Listing’: Fredrik Eklund’s Text to Tracy Tutor Blows up in His Face – ‘You’re a Big F**king A**Hole!’

Tracy Tutor and Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles were both brought to tears when Tutor believes that Eklund sent her a sexist text, leaving them both in an emotional place before the episode ends.

Tutor was annoyed when she learns Eklund stepped away from a property they were both hoping to sign as a client. Her anger centered on how he worded the text message to her about it, which she viewed as both condescending and sexist. She confronts Eklund at another listing, which is when their conversation went from heated and angry to both dissolving into tears.

Tracy Tutor believes that Fredrik Eklund’s text was sexist

Before a showing, Tutor shares Eklund’s text with her assistant. “The ego on that one,” she says to the assistant. She recounts how she scored a listing in Beverly. “The same day I get a text from Fredrik,” she says showing the assistant her phone. “It literally says, ‘Just want you to know that I told Justin at Beverly to work with you. I’m declining the job. It’s a great house and it’s gonna sell.'”

Tracy Tutor blasts Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing for what she views as a sexist text message
Tracy Tutor blasts Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing for what she views as a sexist text message |Randy Shropshire/Bravo

Tutor felt as though the text was extremely condescending and couldn’t see Eklund sending a text like to someone like Josh Altman.

Later, Eklund arrives at another one of Tutor’s listings and she doesn’t hold back after she gives Eklund the tour and they briefly bicker over the property price. “Your text yesterday was charming,” she snarks. Eklund plays dumb, seemingly clueless that he insulted Tutor.

Fredrik Eklund doesn’t understand why Tracy Tutor was angry with him

Tutor refreshes Eklund’s memory. She replies, “I don’t know do you normally turn down listings? Because that was the tone of the text. Which I found to be a little condescending.”

Now Eklund is confused. “When you go up against Josh Altman do you turn down listings?” she wonders. But Eklund claims to not know he was up against Tutor until the client insisted he co-list with her.

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“I was just like no, why don’t you list with her,” he explains what he said to the client. “She’s amazing. She’s my friend, go with her. I was trying to be nice, write a nice text with my heart in, I really did honestly!” Eklund adds in a confessional that every time he tries to do something nice in L.A. it backfires on him.

“I didn’t give her the listing, I stepped away from it,” he says. “I simply texted her saying, you do it.”

Fredrik and Tracy from ‘Million Dollar Listing’ are both brought to tears

Tutor did not see it that way at all. In fact, she explains to him why the text seemed sexist and cameras tracked some of the shocking moments of sexism she experienced just on the show. “You’re making it like a man, woman thing,” Eklund says looking completely shocked and totally confused.

But he doesn’t understand what Tutor has faced in the industry. “I did not mean anything bad!” he insists. And adds he completely didn’t understand why she was upset. “Tracy’s my friend why would she think I’m trying to hurt her?” he wonders.

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Tutor becomes so frustrated that Eklund doesn’t get it that she ends up shouting at him. “It’s how I feel dude! You think I’m making this up to make you look bad? You think I authentically f**king feel this way because I wanna make you look bad,” she said breaking down. He said he thinks she does. “Well then you’re a big f**king a**hole!” she screams through her tears.

Now Eklund starts to tear up. “This business is full of snakes,” she explains. Eklund insists he’s not a snake, adding that they are both friends and competitors. “For a long time it’s taken me to get here,” she tells him.

“Whoever screws you I’m gonna beat up,” Eklund says. “I salute you as a woman.” He ends up apologizing and they hug it out.