‘Million Dollar Listing’: James Harris Reveals Why He Was Petrified to Sell One Particular Home in Bel Air

Did James Harris from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles experience his own “Murder House” listing? He recently revealed he had a haunted house listing in Bel Air that was so terrifying, he was “petrified” when he set foot on the property. He detailed what he did to try to sell the property and if it ultimately sold.

The Bel Air ‘Million Dollar Listing’ was new construction (but haunted)

Harris recounted his personal experience with a haunted house, sharing that he was pretty scared. “So I had this one house in Bel Air that was a brand-new construction but I had heard that before the new house was built, the old house was haunted and several people had died on this property,” he told Syfy.com.

James Harris from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles shows a home
James Harris from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles shows a home | Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

“And if I tell you I was scared, I would be lying — I was petrified every time I walked in this house,” he admitted. “You go in and the first thing I do is turn on all the lights because there was like a very strange energy about this house where you felt as though someone was watching you or watching over you and I wasn’t sure if this was a peaceful death or a non-peaceful death, and I really didn’t look that far into it, but I always felt spirits watching me, following me, and I’m not into all of that, so it was super, super strange.”

James Harris had his haunted ‘Million Dollar Listing’ cleansed

Harris knew he wasn’t going to close any deals unless he changed the “temperature” of the home. “So I did call my friend who owns this company to come in and do a complete cleanse of the house,” he said. “At which point when she came in, they were burning sage around the property and they went down to the movie theater and this woman said that this has never, ever happened before, the sage went out.”

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“And so she got super spooked, at which point I just wanted to run the heck out of this house,” he admitted. “And she couldn’t get the sage to re-light, which, again has never happened in her career before. I’ve never seen anything like it.” 

Harris uses a company to cleanse the home if he thinks it has negative energy. “I bring a company called Energy Optimization into the house to do a full cleanse,” he shared.  

Did James Harris’s haunted ‘Million Dollar Listing’ sell?

So what happened in the end and did Harris sell the home? “Needless to say, the house never sold and we won’t give the exact address but that’s definitely one of the most bizarre encounters I’ve had in this business,” he revealed.

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Despite losing out on the commission, Harris said he’s still game to take on another haunted house. “Absolutely, yes!” he laughed. “That’s the real estate agent talking. The reality is if I couldn’t get it cleansed I’d have to take one for the team and just s–t myself every time I showed the house. But believe me, I would push to get that house cleansed in every which way [and] direction humanly possible. But yes I wouldn’t turn down a good listing that I truly believe would sell because I wouldn’t be doing my job if I did that.”