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Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles has always thrown shade at the agents on Selling Sunset, but this time the agents from the Netflix show definitely seem to be in on the joke.

Flagg recently viewed some of the “shadiest moments” from Selling Sunset and shared his thoughts about the show on Instagram. He joked about expecting to see a show about real estate but “none of these people have licenses.” Flagg also said all the agents “look the same” plus he laughed at the drama, seemingly enjoying the show.

‘Selling Sunset’ cast responds to Josh Flagg’s observations

For the most part, the Selling Sunset cast hasn’t made many comments about the Million Dollar Listing shade other than saying that they are real agents who sell real estate. This time though some joked back to Flagg on his Instagram post.

Tracy Tutor, Josh Flagg from 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' on 'WWHL'
Tracy Tutor, Josh Flagg | Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Christine Quinn replied, “The joke is on y’all if you think Selling Sunset was ever about Real estate.” And Maya Vander added, “Haha, at least I do.. and I sell but @joshflagg1 your comments are funny.”

Flagg reposted the review on Twitter, which is when Chrishell Stause weighed in. “Well my license number is #02013937 but I also just had a movie hit @lifetimetv yesterday so check it out,” she tweeted, referring to the film A Rose for Her Grave. “But real estate is one of many of my hustles so I get the critique but I would love to work with you in the future.”

Flagg replied, “Lifetime should’ve cast me as Randy. I’d play a great serial killer? We’ll work together soon. It’s only a matter of time.”

Josh Flagg shaded ‘Selling Sunset’ in the past too

Flagg’s latest review is a lot softer than previous remarks he and other Million Dollar Listing agents have made about the Selling Sunset cast. While the Million Dollar Listing cast acknowledged that the Oppenheim brothers are true real estate professionals, they have all doubted the credentials of the cast seen on the series.

“I have never seen any of those people in real life, except for the boys,” Flagg said in 2020 on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I’ve never seen one of those people. At any listings.” 

He added on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast in 2021, “I think it’s just weird,” he said. “I mean, it’s like I don’t even think half of them are really agents, but like, it’s just weird and I’ve never seen any of these people’s names on listings.”

‘Selling Sunset’ Amanza Smith explains ‘Million Dollar Listing’ shade

In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Amanza Smith said the shade likely comes because many of the agents on the show are former models and actors.

“You get to a point in your career, whether you were successful or not successful in that industry that you kind of age out,” she explained. “If you’re not Gigi Hadid, you’ve got to figure it out. So real estate is something that people can go into. And if you work really hard, you’ll make just as much, if not more money than you did doing that.”


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 “People come to L.A., pretty people come to L.A., they come to be famous, they come to be on television, they come to be models, actresses, actors, whatever,” she added.

“So there’s a lot of pretty people in L.A. and then a lot of them don’t make it as big as they thought they would when they packed up their two-seater and hightailed it from Michigan to LA,” she said. “Then you go into something else, like real estate. Something you can get your license quick and you can make a lot of money. So that’s why it’s not just our office is pretty. A lot of agents are pretty.”