‘Million Dollar Listing L.A.’: Season 12 Trailer Shows Huge Homes, a Devastating Fire … and Fredrik Eklund

Million Dollar Listing fans likely knew that high kicking broker Fredrik Eklund might ease his way into the west coast real estate series. But season 12 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles looks nothing short of explosive.

Josh Altman and Josh Flagg
Josh Altman and Josh Flagg | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

The homes are even more extravagant, the fights are more cutthroat and the series documents the devastating fire that plagued the area last year. Unlike the New York City market, the Los Angeles market was in a better position when season 12 was filmed. “The L.A. market is shifting and it’s not falling, its stabilizing,” Josh Flagg says in a confessional. “And that’s a good thing because everybody knows I like money.”

As he giggles, Flagg tips back in his chair and falls to the ground. “I hope you used that!” he exclaims. So what’s in store this season, when Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. returns on May 5?

Are Josh Altman and Josh Flagg teaming up?

Cameras explore the massive mansions, complete with any dream amenity under the sun. As Flagg uses a large aerial sign for advertising, Josh Altman is dressed as a knight even doing battle a la “Medieval Times” at one of his broker’s open events. “I’ve always wanted my name in the sky,” Flagg says as he takes a video of the sign with his phone.

But wait, are Flagg and Altman teaming up? “Altman and I have such different styles,” Flagg says in a confessional. “But both of us would do anything for a buck,” Altman finishes. Flagg adds, “Absolutely!”

But not all is rosy between the guys. They bicker over their co-listing. “Got an offer on the razer house,” Altman tells Flagg. But Flagg says, “We might be asking $25 million but in their heads they’re still asking $30 million.” Altman gets heated. “It’s an offer, Flagg! We don’t have any!” But Flagg pushes back. “I’m telling you, he’s not gonna do it.”

Fires and Eklund is on fire

Client tensions continue to be a running theme with the series as clients question the broker’s pricing and ability to sell. Plus, the series shows the devastation left behind from the Woolsey fires that leveled a number of homes. “We just had some terrible news,” James Harris shares in a confessional. “Our client’s home has burned down.”

Meanwhile, Eklund tries to reassure the Los Angeles brokers he didn’t move into their territory to steal their listings. But emphasis a current home on the market should have been co-listed with him. And even though Eklund and Altman were friends, his Los Angeles move still doesn’t go over very well. “If he wants to start a war personally, I will break him down,” Altman tells his wife Heather. Altman is seen confronting Eklund saying to him, “Fredrik, you don’t exist here.”

Eklund explodes. “Nasty! And you know what, by the way, I protected you through so many … ” But Altman interrupts him and tells him to sit down. Eklund reminds Altman, “You were my friend.” He slams the door.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles airs on May 5 at 10/9c on Bravo.