‘Million Dollar Listing LA’ Cast Does Not Think Josh Altman Knows 250 Billionaires

The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles cast called out Josh Altman for his claim that he knows 250 billionaires.

Josh Altman and Developer Ilan Kenig
Josh Altman and Developer Ilan Kenig |Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for FMB Development

Altman was seen meeting with a potential client and shared that he knows hundreds of extremely wealthy people. “How many billionaires do you know,” Altman is seen asking the client in a recent episode. The client says he knows about four people who are billionaires.

“Okay, I know about 250, so we know about 254 together,” Altman responds. The cast reflected on the moment during the Million Dollar Listing After Show with all of the brokers calling “B.S.” on that remark.

‘Million Dollar Listing’ cast calls Josh Altman out for the assertion

The cast is known for being extremely competitive. So the comment didn’t exactly sit well with the other brokers. “250 billionaires, yeah,” Josh Flagg said rolling his eyes. “That’s not … that is a lie. 25 … maybe on a good day. But 250? No.”

“Bollocks,” David Parnes insisted. “I don’t think he knows 250 millionaires to be honest. That’s absurd. I mean he really has a knack of just pulling them out. The most outrageous like stats and numbers and figures out of thin air. Rubbish!”

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Meanwhile, business partner James Harris sits by laughing. “I think he’s the king of talking utter sh*t,” Harris said. Adding, “I hope he does. I hope he does and then I hope he brings them to our listings. Those are our buyers.”

“I highly doubt that Josh knows 250 billionaires,” Tracy Tutor said. “He might have a list. I mean if Josh knows 250 billionaires and he’s not doing business with all of them, then he’s doing something wrong.”

Josh Altman insists he has access to 250 billionaires

Altman insists he knows 250 billionaires and has a list to prove it. “We wrote down a list and it was about 250 people,” Altman said smiling. “And I think that’s part of why people hire us. We have access to these people and I’m not talking about their assistants.”

“I’m talking about texting them and getting them on the phone,” he said. “You know, immediately.” He joked about having the list of everyone he’s had sex with too, but that list has “lots of dust on it.”

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While the cast is competitive, they still have a lot of fun with each other. Altman recently shared a video where he and Harris arrived at a home showing wearing nearly the exact same outfit. “I swear we didn’t plan it,” Altman insists as Harris laughs.

Altman and Flagg also pranked Tutor earlier this month, dishing that Flagg had a doggy tea party. Altman called Tutor who fell for the joke. He is seen trying to hold back from laughing as Tutor is flummoxed as to why Flagg wanted her dogs to come to a doggy tea party. “Greatest prank call ever! And the best person to prank!” Altman wrote on the Instagram thread. Tutor added, “U guys! I should have known better.”