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Doting father, Luis D. Ortiz from Million Dollar Listing New York shared a tender moment on Instagram where he kisses his one-year-old daughter goodbye.

Luis D. Ortiz from 'Million Dollar Listing'
Luis D. Ortiz |Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

From the moment she was born in 2019, Ortiz has been happily by his daughter Leela’s side, sharing sweet moments of play and love. However, he revealed he has to travel for a project is he about to film, which will separate him from his child for five months.

He seems heartbroken and becomes tearful as he snuggles her before having to leave. Ortiz shared the moment on Instagram, admitting he “cried like a little b**ch on my way out.”

‘Today was a very promising and sad day for me’

Ortiz acknowledged that while he looked forward to an exciting new project, saying goodbye to Leela and Leela’s mother Nikita was heartbreaking.

“Today was a very promising and sad day for me,” Ortiz wrote in an Instagram post along with a video. “Promising because I go back to work to do what I love while continuing to provide for my family – grateful at the same time, especially during the times we are living through right now. And sad because I will be away from my family for the next five months.”

“We are filming a new project that will take me away for that long,” he continued. “Leaving Nikita and Leela this morning from our quarantine house in Vermont made me really sad. I cried like a little b**ch on my way out 😭 I knew that the next time I hug Leela she will no longer be as small as she is today. People tell me that five months will fly but that’s not how I see it. To me I will miss her by-the-minute growth in front of my eyes every single day. But then I smile and know that everything will be alright and that Leela is super happy and safe with her mother  @thatswhatsinghsaid  who is a badass mom and loves her to death! I miss them so much! Ok I’m going to mourn now good night!”

Luis D. Ortiz teased a new show in January

Long before the pandemic came to the United States, Ortiz shared he had a thrilling project in the works. He teased a new show in January on his Instagram story while walking down a New York City street. “So we’ve gotta practice this because it’s been a while since I talked to you guys,” he said. “Look at this beard! Don’t worry I’m gonna shave it soon, but let’s see how long it goes.”

“Anyway it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you guys, or that’s not necessarily true, because everything you are seeing from me, my family, is everything I have to say,” he continued. “I love it. I’m in love with my family, I’m in love with everything at the moment. I’m very happy.”

“Very blessed, feel very grateful too,” he added. “Now I’m in the middle of the crazy cold in New York, and uh … leaving tomorrow. Starting to film my new show.”