‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Fredrik Eklund Reveals He’s Sober –’My Body Is Singing, Not Aching’

Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing New York shared that he’s 160 days sober as he celebrates life and living.

Eklund made the revelation on Instagram, sharing that he’s happier than ever living a sober lifestyle. “Today marks 160 days sober and it feels amazing,” he shared along with an updated photo. “The basic stuff is that I have more energy and clarity, look and feel younger, sleep better with less stress and no anxiety. My body is singing, not aching.”

Luis D. Ortiz chats with Fredrik Eklund  at a brokers open
Luis D. Ortiz chats with Fredrik Eklund at a brokers open | Giovanni Rufnio/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

The decision to stop drinking was not an easy one to make, Fredrik Eklund says

Eklund referred to himself as a high-functioning addict and deciding to stop drinking was not an easy decision to make.  “I’m a work in progress, still. The decision to stop wasn’t easy,” he wrote. “But once I really decided, it was actually freeing. The pressure was off in a way. The pressure of not being honest. The pressure of often putting up a facade. The pressure and pain of not trusting myself towards the end.”

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He joins a slew of Bravo personalities who are sober or have significantly reduced drinking. They include Captain Sandy Yawn and João Franco from Below Deck Mediterranean, Carl Radke from Summer House, and Braunwyn Windham-Burke from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“160 days later and I don’t feel alone,” he continued. “The world is huge and full of possibilities. I don’t worry about the future like I used to. I don’t question my ability as a father the way I used to. Meanwhile business is growing rapidly even in these weird and scary times.”

Sobriety is … fun

Eklund seems like he could have fun no matter what. But he shared that sobriety has brought him to a new level of joy. “But now to the surprising thing: I’m actually more fun,” he asserted. “This of course is the scariest thing for people like myself that used to drink socially: how to entertain at dinners and be outgoing at parties?”

He then shared how he visited Napa and had fabulous mocktails instead of wine.

“Last week at French Laundry in Napa I immediately told the waiter we were celebrating me being sober,” he shared. “I also wanted to be fresh in the morning for the horseback riding. The mixologist created a non-alcoholic pairing. A real pairing as in using the chef’s ingredients for each course and making 14 mocktails for the 14 courses. This was a first for the restaurant and I told them I think this is the future for the industry.”

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“We laughed hysterically at dinner. We went deeper into the conversations. And when I kissed the horse in the sunrise, I remembered every detail of the night. Also, I felt something entirely new: being Proud of myself!”

Eklund added that some people become defensive about their own behavior. “When you’ve stop drinking, people around you can get defensive as in ‘well I don’t have a problem, I don’t even drink that much,’ as if I’m critiquing them. I’m not. This is about me. Sharing my reality and hoping to inspire those who need it,” he remarked.