‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Kirsten Jordan Admits ‘Junk Juice’ Tastes a Bit Like Dirt and Licorice (Exclusive)

Million Dollar Listing New Yorks newest broker Kirsten Jordan may not know exactly what’s in her energy-boosting “Junk Juice” but she did share what it tastes like.

Jordan is seen downing what almost looks like a blood bag during the season 9 premiere. She shudders after drinking the concoction but insists it gives her endless energy. Viewers witnessed her vitality during the first episode as she juggled real estate demands with motherhood. Jordan dished with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about Junk Juice and joining the show.

Kirsten Jordan, Steve Gold at a Million Dollar Listing broker's open
Kirsten Jordan, Steve Gold at a Million Dollar Listing broker’s open |Greg Endries/Bravo

Junk Juice is Kirsten Jordan’s jam

Jordan revealed that Junk Juice is not her own mixture but is created by her acupuncturist. “Only my acupuncturist truly knows what is in my Junk Juice,” she teased. “It tastes a bit like dirt and licorice! I swear it is my secret sauce.” Indeed, because Jordan is seen in almost constant motion on the show.

Jordan also debuted her brand of speed walking during the first episode. She was a race walking champion and was featured in The New York Times for her achievements. While still in high school, Jordan explained how she managed to dominate back-to-back races. ”I’m one of those people who recovers quickly,” she shared. ”So I thought I’d give it a try. But the state meet was my big goal, the one I had dreamed of winning ever since I started racewalking in the ninth grade.”

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She may not have had her “secret sauce” while in high school, but used another recovery formula at the time. Jordan wanted to compete in a race but was sick with a sore throat. So she took “vitamin C pills, some echinacea tablets and two glasses of cold water” along with a dose of her brother’s antibiotic. She went to bed early and raced the next day.

Kirsten Jordan applies her boldness from racing to her real estate work

Her “can do” attitude from her days as a champion racewalker is clearly applied to her work as a luxury broker on Million Dollar Listing. But she admitted to Showbiz Cheat Sheet was both exhilarated and nervous to join the cast.

“It feels awesome and scary at the same time,” she said. “This season spans almost a year and a half, so it will have to match up to the suspense!” Being a new cast member can be nerve-racking, but Jordan is also the first woman on the New York show.

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She reached out to Tracy Tutor, from Million Dollar Listing Los Angles, who was the first woman to join the series. “Of course, I connected with Tracy – she has been extremely generous in providing her advice,” Jordan said. “Most of her wisdom can be summed up in her book, which I also read. She’s like having a LA sister Bravolebrity (if that is a thing?).”

And while she was a little nervous to join the show, she knew at least one of the cast members before cameras rolled. “I was friends with Ryan [Serhant] before the show and have gotten to know Tyler [Whitman] and Steve [Gold] very well! Fredrik [Eklund] and I have bonded over my move to Douglas Elliman. We are a dysfunctional family.”

Million Dollar Listing New York is on Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.