‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Ryan Serhant Is Trying to Steal Fredrik Eklund’s Clients?

Fredrik Eklund is feeling the repercussions of moving to Los Angeles when he learns that Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing New York could be trying to ice him out of the market. In fact, Serhant could be stealing Eklund’s listings which has Eklund left feeling pretty upset. Eklund shares that he and Serhant have a good personal and professional relationship, so he’s stunned to learn that Serhant is moving in on his business while he is in California.

Is Ryan Serhant moving in on Fredrik Eklund’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’?

Eklund first discovers that Serhant has been sniffing around his listings during a client meeting in New York. The client tells Eklund he’s not in town enough to give his property enough love, then says Serhant is in town and is inquiring. “People are calling me, reaching out,” his client, Yan, who is a New York developer tells Eklund. “People are contacting me to give me new ideas to try to sell this.”

Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund butt heads on Million Dollar Listing New York
Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund butt heads on Million Dollar Listing New York | Greg Endries/Bravo

Eklund looks stunned, appearing that he can’t believe what he is hearing. “I’m sure some like small-time broker uses that tactic,” Eklund says. That’s when Yan tells him that it was Serhant who reached out.

“I got an email from him a couple of weeks ago telling me Yan how are you doing, I haven’t been in the building in a while,” Yan recalls. “I think I have ideas for you.”

Fredrik Eklund is upset that Ryan Serhant is moving in on his ‘Million Dollar Listing’

The news is very upsetting to Eklund. “First of all, he knows I have the building,” Eklund says. “He’s got my phone number the last time I checked. Why doesn’t he call me. To call a client directly is actually unethical.” Eklund is now extremely heated. “What is it between me and Ryan Serhant?” Eklund wonders. “He’s always going after my business. And I have never ever, that’s the truth, pitched his buildings.”

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Cameras flashback to BravoCon when the Million Dollar Listing panel discusses client stealing. Eklund sits next to Serhant sharing that he’s been presented “hundreds” of Serhant’s buildings but always turns them down. Adding that he would never try to steal his clients.

Will Fredrik Eklund confront Ryan Serhant?

While Eklund was not fired, he is now on high alert. Later, he discusses his presence in New York and, once again, Serhant’s name comes up. He meets with business partner John Gomes who is well aware of Eklund’s precarious position. They admit that while the New York market struggled the deals Eklund closed in California had been carrying the company.

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But the conversation turns to who has Eklundk’s back. “There’s something I want you to be aware about,” Gomes says. “I’ve been hearing from a couple of different people that Ryan is out there talking about how Fredrik has left New York.” Eklund’s eyes get very wide and he fidgets with his tie. “I don’t wanna give it too much credence. I don’t wanna spend so much time on it,” Gomes continues. “But I think it’s important we actually do discuss it together.”

Will Eklund confront Serhant? Previews for the next episode show that the brokers meet and nobody is holding back.

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