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Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Flagg Dropped $30,000 on a Dog – Who Just Ate Drywall

Josh Flagg's 'Million Dollar Listing' pup George cost close to $30,000 and has been keeping Flagg and husband Bobby Boyd on their toes ever since he arrived. Not only has he eaten drywall and urinated on an expensive rug, he was recently 'fired' by the dog walker.

Josh Flagg was so smitten with Tracy Tutor’s dog he adopted one from the same breeder – but his pup was extremely expensive in more than one way.

The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles broker kept “kidnapping” Tutor’s dog so he finally adopted his own adorable Goldendoodle, George. However, Flagg reports that George, who he spent close to $30,000 to adopt, managed to eat the drywall in his home and urinate on a $40,000 rug.

Josh Flagg says George was ‘fired’ from his dogwalker

Flagg spilled about George on the Berning in Hell podcast. “By the way, my dog is a psycho,” he said. “He ate the baseboard in my house this morning.” Adding, “His name is George. [But] he ate another dog! He was actually just fired from his dog walker.”

Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and husband Bobby Boyd attend Nikki Haskell's 80th Birthday
Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and husband Bobby Boyd attend Nikki Haskell’s 80th Birthday |Patrick McMullan/PMC via Getty Images

“I just got home right before the podcast,” Flagg said. “And the dog walker I had to talk to. And he goes, ‘I have to fire George.’ I go ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘He bit another dog today.’ I’m like, ‘Impossible. George is the sweetest, fluffiest animal.'” But the dog walker insisted he couldn’t control George. “And literally this dog had 30 weeks of training,” Flagg exclaimed. “The dog should have been able to come back from the trainer and f**king like programmed a website. I thought this dog was going to be so smart. Like, write Javascript, right?”

Josh Flagg spent about $30,000 to adopt this ‘Million Dollar Listing’ dog

“This dog literally is so dumb,” Flagg continued. “He ate the drywall yesterday. He is right now chewing on my foot. And I’m really considering sending him back. What dog gets fired? He ate the drywall! Who eats drywall?”

Host Hannah Berner joked that George was trying to poison himself to get out. “Like literally I’m so pissed,” Flagg added. “He f**king pissed on a $40,000 rug. I’m so unhappy about it. I’m really unhappy because this dog was really close to $30,000. If this dog was like I rescued him at the shelter and he was like $300 for a vaccination or a shot and we’re good to go, I wouldn’t be so pissed.”

“But this dog, I was sold a bad bill of goods,” he said. “He doesn’t even know his name!”

Did George trick Josh Flagg into adopting him?

Flagg was so in love with Tutor’s dog he went to the same breeder in Alabama to adopt George. Unfortunately, he’s having a different experience. “My friend Tracy who is on the show has a dog, which is from the same breeder and is, by the way, perfect,” he said. “And I went to Alabama to get this dog. I flew there … didn’t like the first dog. Flew home.

“Flew out again. And then this dog was so well behaved,” he recalled about George. “Beautiful, such a sweet dog. I didn’t realize he was the devil.” Flagg laughed thinking how the breeder probably laughed as he flew away with George calling him a “sucker.”

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“By the way, he was returned by another dog owner,” Flagg said. “Now I know why. They said the family was allergic. Then I was thinking about it, this is the most hypoallergenic dog …it’s now all coming together.”