Mindy Kaling’s Car Accident Story Proves How Annoying It Is to Be Famous

The hilarious and talented Mindy Kaling certainly doesn’t need an introduction anymore. She’s proven to be a powerhouse success in a variety of projects, but most notably as part of The Office family. Comedy comes naturally to Kaling, and it’s hard not to laugh with her in every social media post, television show, and public appearance.

But there was one time, last year that things weren’t so funny for Mindy Kaling. She had a car accident that in itself could have been terrible. But in the end, it proved just to remind her how annoying being famous can be.

The rise of the talented Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling giving an interview
Mindy Kaling participates in a conversation with New Yorker television critic Emily Nussbaum | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for The New Yorker

She was only 24 when she first landed the staff writing gig for the first season of the now wildly popular show, The Office. But Mindy Kaling is accomplished beyond the ground-breaking sitcom.

She continues to write, act, and produce with other shows including, The Mindy Project. With her rise to success, Kaling has also grown her bank account balance. Forbes reported in 2017 alone that she made $13 million across her various projects. As of today, she’s worth $24 million and living her best life, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

She is close with her celebrity gal-pal, Oprah Winfrey, owns Frank Sinatra’s former beach house in Malibu, and is also part owner of a Premier League soccer team.

Being famous can be really annoying

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Mama stepped out

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Mindy Kaling loves her fans. And just scrolling through her social media, she continues to stay connected to those who love her and her comedic works. But, as many Hollywood celebrities will say, being so famous does have its drawbacks.

It’s practically impossible to keep anything private or venture out in public without being recognized. Mindy Kaling has managed to keep some of her life details private, including holding out on naming the father of her child. But when she found herself in a car accident, she was reminded of how hard it was to be anonymous.

The car accident and fan selfies

In January of last year, Mindy Kaling was in her car and heading to an interview with Variety. During her commute, she got into a terrible car crash on the highway in Los Angeles that completely totaled her vehicle.

She was fortunate enough to walk away from the incident without serious injuries. But as she stood on the side of the road, waiting for a tow, fans began swarming her. Kaling revealed in an interview with Variety after the fact; it was a moment she wished she wasn’t, “everyone’s best friend.” She shared having all the “look-loos come up and ask to take a photo” proved to be frustrating.

What Mindy Kaling is doing now

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When your only interaction is with the UPS man

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She may have been annoyed with fan selfies right after her accident, but Mindy Kaling certainly isn’t holding a grudge and has moved on with life. She loves her fans and her work and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Kaling has officially signed on to help co-write Legally Blonde 3, the popular movie installation with Reese Witherspoon, according to Business Insider. Kaling also continues to write for Never Have I Ever on Netflix. 

Success with The Office may have been Mindy Kaling’s launchpad to fame. But she proves to have creative and comedic genius far beyond the cult classic television show. Fans are eager to see what she does next, and she isn’t hesitating to deliver.

Fame does have its drawbacks, especially when you’re on the side of the road after a car crash, and people just want selfies. It’s just par for the course though for Kaling, and everyone’s glad she’s ok in the end.