‘Minecraft’ The Wild Update 1.19: Release Date, Features, and Everything We Know So Far

Minecraft players have plenty to look forward to in the coming months. On Oct. 16, developer Mojang Studios hosted its highly-anticipated Minecraft Live 2021: a showcase of the video game‘s latest announcements. During the annual event, players can even vote on new features for future updates. Minecraft Live 2021 was jam-packed with exciting glimpses at upcoming additions to the sandbox game, including the major Update 1.19: The Wild. Here’s what we know about The Wild so far, including a release window and more.

Minecraft The Wild Update
‘Minecraft’ The Wild Update | Mojang Studios

What is the ‘Minecraft’ Wild Update’s release date?

As cool as the update looks, players will have some time to wait until they can get their hands on it. First, Mojang will release Caves and Cliffs Part 2, a continuation of an update from June. The studio hasn’t provided an exact release date for part 2, but it should arrive sometime later in 2021. Considering that we’re already in October, that means it’s likely only a month or two away.

Once Mojang delivers Caves and Cliffs Part 2, the studio will likely shift its focus to testing The Wild. For now, the release date is set for 2022. It’s hard to pinpoint a timeframe, as there will likely be several months between Minecraft updates. When The Wild does arrive, it will launch on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition.

The Wild Update brings frogs, mangrove trees, boats, and more to ‘Minecraft’

Minecraft Live 2021 did a deep dive into The Wild’s features (seen above), and there are plenty to look forward to. For starters, players will receive mangrove swamp biomes, complete with mangrove trees, mud blocks for crafting, frogs, and fireflies. The frogs even have an adorable tadpole form.

In addition to the swamps, Minecraft’s The Wild brings Allays, the winner of the event’s community mob vote. According to Minecraft’s blog, players can give this flying mob an item, and it will go off to find “more of the same or similar items,” whether that’s a collectible, a crafted piece, or a mined block. Plus, allays love music, which means they’ll drop the items near note blocks.

The Wild will also add other new items to Minecraft, including boats with chests. These will help players carry items across bodies of water. Some quality-of-life updates include sound improvements and better compatibility between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

The Deep Dark biome has been delayed

Mojang had planned to include the new Deep Dark biome with Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs Part 2, but it’s now arriving with The Wild. On the bright side, that means more time to make the spooky area even better.

Minecraft Live shared a look at what’s coming with Deep Dark, including the Warden. This highly-anticipated yet dangerous mob hunts trespassers in the Deep Dark using hypersensitive hearing, which means players need to be very quiet. Additionally, the underground biome will introduce skulk blocks, which pick up sounds and give a signal that matches the vibrations. However, the sensors can set off loud sculk shriekers, which attract the Warden.

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