Miranda Cosgrove Thinks Carly and This ‘iCarly’ Character Are ‘Meant to Be Together’

The wildly popular Nickelodeon series iCarly was originally a kid-friendly sitcom featuring an age-appropriate cast getting into childlike shenanigans. However, as the cast grew out of childhood, so did the show’s reliability. The show left the air as its actors and their characters grew with it. With the recent revival, however, the cast returned, and the show got a less kid-friendly edge. Perhaps, Carly and Freddie’s relationship is the best example of this. 

‘iCarly’ returned with a revival series

According to IMDbiCarly was one of Nickelodeon’s most successful children’s sitcoms when it premiered in 2007. The show’s premise, in which its titular character creates a web show, coincided with the rise of YouTube as a source for ordinary people to pursue careers in entertainment. It helped anchor a brand new age for young millennials and Gen Z alike. 

iCarly made stars Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jennette McCurdy famous among their viewers. However, as the show moved forward and the cast got older, so did the pitfalls of growing up in front of the camera. This was true for the actors in real life and their characters on-screen. However, one will-they, won’t-they romance remained at the top of everyone’s mind. 

When iCarly returned on Paramount+ catering to a now-adult audience, the returning characters appeared through a mature lens. This added a relatable dynamic to Carly and Fred’s relationship. Cosgrove recently spoke about her desire for the future of their friendship.

Miranda Cosgrove on the Freddie-Carly relationship in ‘iCarly’

Miranda Cosgrove iCarly
Miranda Cosgrove of ‘iCarly’ attends the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2022 at Barker Hangar on April 09, 2022 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

According to Cosgrove, a seemingly cosmic alignment between Carly and Fred harkens back to childhood stories. “I think that they’re meant to be together, only because I like to think of things in a very fairy-tale, nice way,” she told Insider.

When asked about their relationship, she sees their honest friendship as a jumping-off point to something romantic. “I can totally see how a lot of people might like to see them actually in a real relationship because they’ve known each other ever since they were little kids,” Cosgrove said. “Freddie’s always there for Carly, and Carly is always there [for] Freddie.”

Cosgrove explained how their crush developed into something more. “On the old show, Carly just kind of thought he was sweet and enjoyed him having a little crush on her, but it’s different now that the characters are older.”

‘iCarly’ shows how Freddie and Carly’s relationship has changed

Carly and Freddie’s relationship is not unlike what they had as kids. Freddie, now divorced, still thinks the world of Carly. But his slew of relationships with other women still makes their friendship little more than that. However, something brews beneath the surface. Though both parties date around, something seems inevitable between the title character and her producer. 

Both characters have dated others on the show. This adds a mature dynamic to the tropes that once came out of the Nickelodeon formula. Thus far, Carly and Freddie remain good friends, but the small moments show there’s more under the surface. Fans can see where it goes from here, as the second season airs on Paramount+

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