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Miranda Lambert does not care what people think of her, even those who are negative on her social media accounts. In a 2019 interview with Pride Source, the country singer shared that people who go out of their way to comment mean things “should get a hobby or a job, or both.”

Miranda Lambert stands with her hand on her hip in a pink-and-black lace dress
Miranda Lambert | Jason Davis/WireImage

Miranda Lambert thinks commenting negative things is a waste of time

In 2019, Lambert was interviewed by Pride Source after she posted photos of herself at WorldPride in New York City with her husband Brendan McLoughlin, her brother, and her brother’s husband. 

While some fans were supportive of the singer’s advocacy, others denounced Lambert. Speaking with Pride Source, Lambert revealed what she thinks of people who leave negative comments on her social media.

“I feel like the people who commented negatively weren’t my followers. When people say ‘unfollow,’ they weren’t following me to begin with. (Laughs.) Also, I don’t understand why people have time to get on social media and be negative. I think they should get a hobby or a job, or both,” Lambert said.

She continued, “So I just don’t let those affect me. But I also know that if you’re polarizing, you must have an impact. Can’t be loved by everybody. So I try to take the good and run with that.”

The country singer does not understand ‘negative people’

Speaking with Pride Source, Lambert shared that she does not get “negative people” because of her own life experience.

“I think the negative people and the people that are like, ‘Believe like me,’ or, ‘Your vote doesn’t count,’ I don’t understand that mentality. Especially being in this business and being around all kinds of different people, it’s really even opened my eyes more,” Lambert shared.

The singer continued, “I’m so thankful for that, because I love the town I grew up in – they are so supportive of me and always have been – but it definitely is good to get out and see other views.”


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Miranda Lambert is happy to be an advocate

After posting her celebration at WorldPride, Lambert did not think fans who follow her on social media would be that shocked or inspired because the singer viewed supporting her brother and brother-in-law as “normal.”

“I didn’t even realize it was making a statement ’cause I just thought it was normal, and I guess what I mean by that is, I didn’t think it was stepping out of bounds or anything because to me it’s all the same, it doesn’t matter. And I was just there celebrating with my brother and his husband and having a great time. But if it makes somebody happy that I’m a supporter, I’m glad,” Lambert told Pride Source.

The singer then shared that she hoped to continue using her platform to support the LGBTQ community.

“But I do have a platform and I try to use it for the better,” Lambert said.